Mental Schwarber, No Closer, Relaxed Dingers, Hall-Worthy Lester, and Other Bullets

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Mental Schwarber, No Closer, Relaxed Dingers, Hall-Worthy Lester, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

REVELATION. Everyone who taught you “top down” showering was LYING. I am nothing if not a huge dork, and so I’ve been testing maximum efficiencies in the shower when I’m in a hurry. Turns out, if you start at the feet and scrub from there *up*, it’s about 50% faster due to the incidental rinsing that occurs as you move up the body with your washing, especially because you end by rinsing out your hair! YOU’RE WELCOME.

  • Much more on Kyle Schwarber’s return to his crouching stance, and how it’s actually more of a mental change than a physical one:

  • I don’t think Schwarber’s power is going anywhere, I also don’t think his discipline is going anywhere. So, the keys to him becoming the kind of truly elite hitter he can be, given what we saw in the minors: improving dramatically against lefties, not repeating his bizarre extreme struggles in high-leverage spots, and barreling the ball the other way when going with the pitch permits it. (Simple, right?) Schwarber doesn’t have to be a high-strikeout, high-walk, just-slugging-against-righties guy. He can be a complete hitter – the kind of guy who goes .280/.400/.530. That’s in him.
  • Spring Training is just Spring Training and it’s a teeny tiny sample and whatever and all that, but so far, Schwarber is certainly doing a good job working the ball to the left with authority. At least he’s working on it.
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  • So far so good on Carl Edwards’ new delivery, btw, which he tells the Sun-Times, “It feels real smooth. It feels just like playing catch.”
  • Edwards might figure into the closer mix early in the season with Brandon Morrow out, even though we know Pedro Strop will see most of the opportunities. Joe Maddon isnt naming a closer:

  • Maddon still can’t figure out how the Cubs were projected by PECOTA to win just 79 games, but he’s also not necessarily big on using it as motivation:

  • Bonus quote from that piece:

  • I kept meaning to put together a thoughtful response to this, but I keep missing out on time, so now I’m just gonna share this because it’s interesting and I don’t want it to fall completely off my radar:

Author: Brett Taylor

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