Trying. Not. To. Scream: Pedro Strop Has a Mild Hamstring Strain, Not a Guarantee for Opening Day (UPDATE)

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Trying. Not. To. Scream: Pedro Strop Has a Mild Hamstring Strain, Not a Guarantee for Opening Day (UPDATE)

Chicago Cubs

Recently, we chatted about the Cubs’ most “indispensable” players, and although he was not at the top of my mind, I remarked that you could make an argument about Pedro Strop, given the state of the Cubs’ bullpen.




  • A true pulled hamstring (i.e. a strain) is almost always a semi-serious thing, even if the strain qualifies as “mild.” In those instances, a player is typically out from big league game action for about a month.
  • Ah, you say, but Strop pulled his hamstring late last year and he returned for the Wild Card Game in just over two weeks! Sub-things:
  • The Cubs “think” Strop will be ready for Opening Day, which, definitionally, means he MAY NOT BE ready for Opening Day. “Not ruling him out” for Opening Day ain’t exactly encouraging.
  • The Cubs are without closer Brandon Morrow for the first month (or more) of the season, and Strop was set not only to be the closer(ish) in his absence, but when you’re missing a key arm, every other arm in the pen becomes all the more critical.
  • At least it’s his other leg than the hamstring strain from last year.
  • ANGRY HOWEVER: But it’s the leg he uses to drive off the rubber. That seems important.
  • Maybe it’s not serious, since it’s Spring Training and all that. I acknowledge that possibility. But it was serious enough to get an MRI and then hold him back, so, for fan purposes, it’s serious enough for us to be very nervous, especially given the uncertain state of the bullpen.

I think I’ll scream now. We’ll keep you posted as Strop recovers. The good news is that, through several injuries in the past, he has shown the ability to just be one of those guys who recovers more quickly than you expect. Hey. It works for Wolverine.

Also: Craig Kimbrel is still a free agent. I’m not necessarily on board with him as a five-plus-year guy, but if he has to settle for a cheap one-year deal at this point …

UPDATE: I would love to be comforted by these Joe Maddon quotes, but I am in a mood to be panicked, and thus they sound like a “methinks thou doth protest too much” kinda deal:

Author: Brett Taylor

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