Willson Contreras Scratched With a Finger Issue (UPDATE)

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Willson Contreras Scratched With a Finger Issue (UPDATE)

Chicago Cubs

There was a moment very early in Thursday’s game when Willson Contreras’s exposed hand was clipped by a fouled Yu Darvish pitch, and, momentarily, I was freaked that I’d just seen the Cubs’ starting catcher break a dang finger in Spring Training.

Contreras paced a good bit in obvious pain, looked over to the dugout, but no one came out. After a chat with the umpire and lots of hand shaking, Contreras stayed in, and I kinda forgot about it. Catchers get dinged up like that and they carry on.

But today, Contreras was a scratch, so:

As usual, we do the normal thing here and say, “Ah, it’s Spring Training, no reason to rush him, let him rest, etc., etc.,” but given the Cubs’ significant lack of experienced catching depth, any potential injury to Contreras should be especially unnerving. And, perhaps worse, there is the potential that a guy like Contreras – who is going to play a ton if he’s “healthy enough to play” – could have his performance degraded slightly by the kind of nagging injury that doesn’t make him sit, but does hurt.

Spring Training is for overreacting, of course – performances, prospects, injuries – and I am undoubtedly doing a little of that. But, yeah, the fear of losing a 100% effective Contreras is the kind of thing that feels appropriately panic-inducing.

More on Contreras when it is available.

UPDATE: Some mild comfort for our minds:

Author: Brett Taylor

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