Lester's Readiness, Cishek's Rough One, Nelson's Elbow, and Other Bullets

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Lester’s Readiness, Cishek’s Rough One, Nelson’s Elbow, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

Oof. Just saw a text I missed from The Wife last night asking me to put a certain bag of goodies from the Easter bunny away last night. I did not see the text, and thus did not move the bag, and thus it was sitting on the table this morning when whichever bing bong came out of bed first. Whoopsiedoodle … sorry dear/kids …

  • The Cubs lost late last night to the Rockies in their Cactus League match-up, with Jon Lester giving up a ton of hits in his final four-inning tuneup for the regular season. I don’t love seeing that his velocity was right around 90 mph for his start, but that’s also where it’s been the last two years at this time, so at least there’s not necessarily any further degradation. As for the results, I just can’t get worked up, as I’ve seen established starters get knocked around all spring some years, and then there is absolutely nothing to show for it in the regular season – because who knows what exactly they were trying to do, what they were hiding, where they were trying to steer situations, etc.
  • In other words, seeing this, alone, should not worry you about Jon Lester:

  • For his part, Lester felt like he was throwing good pitches, and it just didn’t work out:

  • We’ll see what we see when the bell rings on Thursday. I am not any more or less worried today than I was yesterday.
  • On the flip side, seeing Steve Cishek come in, fresh off missing time with a sickness, and getting lit up by hit after hit after hit … that one does make me just a touch nervous given the state of the bullpen and the proximity to the regular season. Ultimately, Cishek gave up five hits and a walk, and the only out he recorded as a pickoff. You would just hate to see a sickness interfere with his normal ramp-up process, and then be able to start the season, but just a touch behind, so he’s not quite 100% normal ready for day one.
  • Speaking of the bullpen, Chris Cotillo, who originally reported that the Cubs had released Junichi Tazawa yesterday, does concede that a release-and-re-sign is still possible:

  • It’s all just talk until the rubber meets the road, but you can read this Cubs.com piece for more glowing reflection on just how good and ready Yu Darvish has looked this spring. From the moment he started throwing it camp, it’s been pretty clear that people around the Cubs believe Darvish is going to have a very good year. If he stays healthy, I’d say that sounds about right.
  • A … kind of weird and interesting-looking neck and shoulder massager is among the Deals of the Day at Amazon today.
  • Prospect versus prospect:

  • Brewers still working on Jimmy Nelson’s elbow:

Author: Brett Taylor

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