Zagunis Getting Chills, Edwards Gets Fined, How Hoyer Watches, and Other Bullets

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Zagunis Getting Chills, Edwards Gets Fined, How Hoyer Watches, and Other Bullets

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Yet another huge extension for a superstar – Jacob deGrom this time – and I really, really think there’s more to it than JUST players are afraid of free agency. Yes, that’s a factor, and teams are leveraging it. But consider, it’s not like these guys are signing terrible deals. They’re good contracts! Nobody is looking at these deals and thinking the players are screwing themselves. And since teams don’t operate that way, it just has me suspicious about what other motivations might be lurking under the surface for these extensions. My full thoughts on that matter are here.

Other Bullets …

  • Absent an outside addition, Mark Zagunis is going to make the Cubs’ Opening Day roster. Obviously the Cubs can and should always choose the best roster for competitive purposes, but when this kind of moment comes together for a young player, especially a guy who has been working for years to get over that AAA hump, it really is worth enjoying separately as a cool moment:

  • Zagunis has certainly been raking in Arizona, hitting .349/.431/.721, with 4 HR and 4 2B in just 43 ABs. If Zagunis “qualified” (LOL, Spring Training), his OPS would be the third highest in baseball.
  • Some small bits of hope on Zagunis’s power turn this spring: he’s specifically changed his stance and hand position to create more lift, and he also had a shoulder injury last year that held down his power production in the first half. You see him, physically, and it’s not at all hard to envision Zagunis having a ton of power. But that just has never been his game, and, at 26, it’s rare that it would finally come through. But it *does* happen, and Zagunis otherwise has really excellent plate discipline. So, yeah, the potential is in there to be a really good big league bench bat/corner outfielder.
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
  • Carl Edwards Jr.’s heart was in the right place, but this was deserved – I’m just glad he didn’t get suspended:

  • I like the note that Hoyer has never gone directly to a player with some mechanical thing he’s noticed when watching a game – instead, he goes through the channels so that the players have only the right voices communicating with them. Even if Hoyer is one of the “bosses,” you still don’t want a too-many-cooks situation.
  • Rob Zastryzny is on his way out of the Cubs organization, and the best of luck to him:

  • Chris Singleton, a Cubs prospect whose mother was murdered in the Charleston shooting, has been released and is moving on from his baseball career – but it’s pretty clear he’s gonna do good things:

  • A tribute, and a lesson:

  • Cubs players, doing some good:

  • Wow. Now THAT is a Jake Arrieta slutter, the likes of which I’ve not seen since maybe 2016:

  • Sporps:

Author: Brett Taylor

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