Bryant's Power, Yu's Return, The Belt, Gold-oh-schmidt, and Other Bullets

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Bryant’s Power, Yu’s Return, The Belt, Gold-oh-schmidt, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

The interminable post-Opening-Day-off-day is behind us, and Cubs baseball returns tonight in Texas. Edinson Volquez is starting for the Rangers, his first start following mid-2017 Tommy John surgery. That was the second Tommy John surgery of his career, and he turns 36 later this year. Good on him for making it all the way back again, and I’m sure if he were a little rusty tonight, everyone would understand.

  • This seems like a pretty awesome sign about Kris Bryant’s shoulder and power:

  • Going down to reach out and push one the other way is probably the most strain you’ll feel on your front shoulder, so, yeah, that’s good to see.
  • Random, but any time I think of a Bryant opposite field homer, I think of his walk-off against the Indians in 2015:

  • So, Paul Goldschmidt had himself a night:

  • At least two of those pitches were absolute meatballs, and the other one was a missed spot by two feet.
  • It’s not like we didn’t know Goldschmidt was one of the best hitters in the league when he joined the Cardinals this offseason, but I sure do remain chippy that they got him in one of those “volume” trades that people propose on message boards but that never actually happen in real life. And then of course they signed him to an eminently reasonable extension before he even played a game for them. That’s some Cardinals voodoo magic right there.
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  • An FYI on lefty Tim Collins’ contract with the Cubs, which is just a shade under fellow lefty Xavier Cedeño’s $900K:

  • Hey, Cubs baseball is back tonight, and it’s a big one:

  • Let’s go. I’m ready. Start the game right now.
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
  • The MLBPA responded to the story of The Belt, and it’s a response that tells me they definitely already knew about it, but understood they had to say something:

  • It’s just such a foolish thing that the league was still doing in this era, and they deserve to be embarrassed about it. I’m not so sure it’s as much a matter of COLLUSION!!! as some people think, but even if not technically collusion in an actionable sense, it’s just a gross thing to do. You can commend good work performances without making it out to be some literal championship won over the very players that play your sport.
  • On the Bears side, with Jordan Howard off to Philadelphia, what happens to the run game now:

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