Cubs Early Offensive Fun, Rizzo's Monster Shot, Schwarber's Powerful Base, and Other Bullets

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Cubs Early Offensive Fun, Rizzo’s Monster Shot, Schwarber’s Powerful Base, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

There is a lot to get into from yesterday’s loss, and the weekend in general, and we’re gonna get into it shortly. I want to touch on the non-angry stuff here in the Bullets, though. Maybe just for me, I want to start my day off on a good foot.

For example, the offense sure continued to rake yesterday, and the small sample leader board is a lot of fun:

  • Anthony Rizzo is the Cubs’ fifth worst hitter! I think Kyle Schwarber’s .583 ISO is sustainable, how about you? You cannot retire Victor Caratini if he puts the ball in play!
  • Of all those numbers, which looks to be the most actually plausible going forward to you? I guess it would probably have to be Kris Bryant, though that strikeout rate will come up and the ISO might come down a little. Otherwise, it’s just about what you could realistically expect/hope for. Well, him and Mark Zagunis. I see no issue projecting Zagunis for a .500/.500/1.000 line – exactly – over the next six months.
  • Rizzo’s monster homer came in a losing effort yesterday, but it shouldn’t be missed:

  • Javy Baez swings so very hard when he’s thinking fastball:

  • Joe Maddon is loving Kyle Schwarber’s return to a more crouching stance, a vestige of his younger days ( “That’s even better than I saw in Spring Training. His hands, his base, the bottom, the balance, his hand position, the shortness. Everything. Everything. Everything’s different. He’s got much better control of his body. He should be able to be shorter to the ball, make better adjustments down and up. I’m curious to watch this whole thing.”
(Photo by Rick Yeatts/Getty Images)
  • Thinking on the new base, because when you look at Schwarber in isolation, it looks like it would be really hard to pull the crouch off with as much power as you’d want to generate. And yet, there’s no question my preconception is wrong, because look at the guy who comes to mind as also having a low, wide, crouched base:

  • Topical Cubs fandom:

  • The Bears couldn’t resist:

Author: Brett Taylor

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