Cubs Need a Stopper Already, Allergy Safety at Wrigley, Harper's Return, and Other Bullets

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Cubs Need a Stopper Already, Allergy Safety at Wrigley, Harper’s Return, and Other Bullets

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Late Bullets, with apologies. I had to take The Little Boy for a doctor’s appointment this morning and it involved being more in and out than I expected. But I’m on the grid now, and ready to roll into a day of Cubs baseball …

  • The Cubs won just one of their first four games, and it was the one started by Jon Lester, who starts again tonight against the Braves. He’ll just have to play the part of stopper, I suppose, even though it’s only the fifth game of the season. The Braves’ lineup can do a whole lot of damage when it’s on, but maybe Ronald Acuña will be a little slow at the plate after celebrating his big extension.
  • Ah, but then, I suppose unless Lester is going to pitch a complete game, he’s going to need an assist at the back end from the bullpen. I think there are still plenty of guys out there who can get the job done … it just would be nice to see it tonight, mostly for my own psyche.
  • Bonus on Lester:

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
  • Jon Greenberg does a good job here summing up why a 1-3 start (a tiny sample) for the Cubs this year feels much worse:

  • Kris Bryant won’t be on Twitter this season, as it became just too negative for him, and didn’t provide anything useful:

  • It sucks that this is such a common theme, where the negativity ultimately drones out the good stuff for some players (even if there actually *is* more positivity than negativity, it’s so cheap and easy to drop in the nasty stuff, and you get a little more numb to the good stuff over many years of success, that the increasing negativity sticks out).
  • The Cubs are hosting a peanut/allergy-free night on April 14, where 50 fans are going to be able to safely attend the game in an enclosed suite. For folks who don’t really understand just how serious and dangerous a food allergy can be, know that without a night like this, there are fans out there who flat-out cannot safely go to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs play baseball because of the peanut dust in the air. This is a very nice step in a direction of safely accommodating fans with serious food allergies.
  • Don’t worry everyone, as all the good teams stink:

  • Well … except the Brewers. Obviously. Sigh.
  • Also, I get that the Brewers have started out crazy hot and the Cubs have definitely not, but this is still quite funny to me:

  • What a return to DC for Bryce Harper, who was booed lustily all night by fans wearing things like this:

  • But Harper had the last laugh, with three hits in the game, including a double and a shot that preceded this GLORIOUS moment:

  • For the first time in years, the Bears’ draft caps are actually just good hats:

Author: Brett Taylor

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