Javy Baez Saved an Umpire's Life, But Drew a Flag for Holding

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Javy Baez Saved an Umpire’s Life, But Drew a Flag for Holding

Chicago Cubs

At the conclusion of yesterday’s attempted comeback bid, the Cubs ultimately lost on a questionable check-swing call with Kyle Schwarber at the plate. When Schwarber grew angry, a startling metamorphosis occurred, and he was unable to control the raging spirit that dwells within.

So it was up to Javy Baez to control it.

Javy Baez is out there trying to save the world, one umpire’s life at a time.

“He’s a pretty big dude,” Baez told Cubs.com of his heroics to restrain Schwarber. “And he played football. I never played football in my life. He kind of took me with him, but I held him pretty good. He moved to the side pretty good. He almost got by me. I played good defense.”

I think Baez probably would’ve drawn a flag for holding, but he did save the umpire from CERTAIN DOOM.

(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

As for Schwarber, he was still pretty toasty after the game, frustrated that a check swing earlier in the at bat was called a no swing, but the final one – the decisive one – was called a swing. Like I said, to my eye, it was very close. If it had been called no swing, I would’ve thought that was fine, but I would’ve understood if Angels fans were ticked. Being that it was called a swing, I sure don’t like it, knowing that it’s possible the Cubs win that game if the call goes the other way. But, with apologies to anyone who sees it differently, I can see that being described as a guy who went just a little too far along the path of trying to offer at a pitch.

Author: Brett Taylor

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