Nico Hoerner Hit a Crazy Fast Inside-the-Park Home Run Tonight (VIDEO)

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Nico Hoerner Hit a Crazy Fast Inside-the-Park Home Run Tonight (VIDEO)

Chicago Cubs

What a perfect day for Nico Hoerner to hit his first AA home run, as he was glowingly reviewed by his own organization’s president earlier.

And it wasn’t just any homer – it was an inside-the-parker, and a crazy fast one if Bryan’s timing was correct:

As near as I can find, the MLB record for an inside-the-park homer was set by Byron Buxton late in 2017, at 13.85 seconds. Previously, the record – also Buxton’s – was 14.05 seconds. When Javy Baez had his inside-the-parker in San Francisco, it was over 16 seconds. So, hopefully that provides some context for just how fast Hoerner’s trot was.

I will keep looking for a video of the homer, which I’ve gotta believe we’ll get eventually. Right now, official MiLB videos are in limbo as the league and MLB work out a video sharing policy – and they are losing these fun moments in the interim, so hurry up – so it can be especially hard to get these highlights right now. Shame.

UPDATE: At last, video! (You may have to click through to watch, because the highlights are still being problematic.) And OMG, how in the world did he turn this into an inside-the-parker:

Author: Brett Taylor

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