Rizzo's Damage, Alzolay's Beauty, Happ's Work, Proud of My Boys, and Other Bullets

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Rizzo’s Damage, Alzolay’s Beauty, Happ’s Work, Proud of My Boys, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

Miscellaneous recommendation for the true-crime-type podcast fans among you: ‘To Live and Die in L.A.’ I just finished the series, which is as good as it is disturbing. If that sounds like your bag, give it a binge. I really enjoyed.

  • We can never stop observing incredible things about Javy Baez, and although we’ve all now seen just how transcendently good he’s become at going the other way with authority, I think these two charts – especially the dingers – demonstrate it quite well:

  • Top pitching prospect(? he’s in the mix, anyway) Adbert Alzolay made his second Iowa Cubs start yesterday, and it was a thing of beauty. This was only 65 pitches:


  • In that league, on a 65-pitch limit, you basically cannot possibly do better. Let’s try to stay chill about his progression given how much time he’s missed over the past two seasons, but the stuff is big-league-starter-caliber. Giggity.
  • While we’re giggity’ing things from Iowa, Ian Happ had a huge game, with four hits, including two doubles and a homer. He’s still juuuuust below the 100 (average) mark in wRC+ at AAA, but we have to keep keeping in mind that he wasn’t down there to put up huge numbers, at least not right away. He was there to make significant, long-term changes to his swing and approach. If it’s working, what you would most likely see suggested in the numbers is some real struggle (saw it), some adjusting (definitely saw it with the strikeout rate plummeting to like nothing, but also the lack of power), and then last some results. We also have to keep in mind how little professional experience, overall, Ian Happ actually has. The dude barely has 500 professional games total at ANY level.
  • Anthony Rizzo puts the “D” in dinger:

Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)
  • Budweiser is not mad:

  • Uh, this could be the what now:

  • To be sure, the Cubs will age up and turnover a little in the rotation next year (which I think was the point?), but if this offensive core does not keep the lights on in the current competitive window for at least another couple years, then something really, really went wrong.
  • It happened! Michael and Luis are on a TV show! If you missed it on NBC Sports Chicago after the post-game, here’s the replay of Outside the Ivy on Facebook:

  • Some love for two guys I love:


  • Elsewhere in our sport coverage:

Author: Brett Taylor

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