Mike Montgomery's Mysterious Exit Revealed: Left Middle Finger Discomfort

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Mike Montgomery’s Mysterious Exit Revealed: Left Middle Finger Discomfort

Chicago Cubs

If you missed today’s game, but went to check the box score, you might be confused to see Mike Montgomery’s final line: 0.0 IP, 0H, 0ER, 0BB, 0Ks. Sure, we’ve all seen pitchers have eventless performances before, but c’mon, right? Well, no not so much.

Montgomery was called in to replace Cole Hamels, who had a very tough day, in the fifth, but was lifted before he even threw a single warmup pitch. From an outside perspective, it was a pretty weird occurrence, because you’d think whatever was bothering him would’ve come up in the bullpen, but other than a few stray Tweets like this one …

… we didn’t have much to go on.

But we’re now a few innings later and Len Kasper has since reported on air that Montgomery left the game with “left middle finger discomfort.” He noted, specifically, that it was NOT a blister, but rather just general discomfort of some kind. Others have now shared the same. We’ll update you as we hear more, but obviously Montgomery plays a disproportionately big role in an already weak bullpen, so you hope this isn’t anything serious.

This has not been a fun couple of days to be a Cubs fan.

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