Marlins Helping Cubs, Schwarber Leading the Way, Morrow's Work, and Other Bullets

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Marlins Helping Cubs, Schwarber Leading the Way, Morrow’s Work, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

I’m in Chicago for a few days to watch the Cubs sweep the Rockies later today, and then to watch the Cubs host the Cardinals on Friday with the whole Bleacher Nation crew in the bleachers. That’s gonna be a blast. Say hey if you see us.

  • The Marlins are not currently my arch nemesis, having humiliated the Brewers the last two nights, and pushing the Cubs’ NL Central lead to a more round number:

  • How about this:

  • So if Schwarber leads off again tonight, that’ll make him the most leading-off-iest Cub since Dexter Fowler. For what it’s worth, during this stretch, Schwarber is hitting reasonably well overall (112 wRC+), but his OBP is only .323.
  • How much does the Craig Kimbrel signing say about Brandon Morrow’s status? I tend to think the answer is, “nothing we didn’t already know.” That is to say, Morrow, who missed half of last year with myriad issues, and then had November elbow surgery, and then had a setback in his ramp up, is not justifiably being expected to contribute significantly this year. He just can’t be. You’d love to see it, but even if he returns healthy at some point near the second half, you cannot presume he’s going to be effective as a back-end reliever. So, the Kimbrel signing shouldn’t be seen as any kind of Morrow red flag that wasn’t already flapping around frantically.
  • Speaking of Morrow:

  • This kid’s reaction to the final strike last night was just so pure, and so perfect:

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#Cubs win, and this kid's reaction says it all!

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  • With Craig Kimbrel joining the fold, it’s crazy to think about how many “stars” the Cubs have. That’s a totally arbitrary characterization, but even if you just think about guys who are big-name, big-performing stars right at this moment, you’ve at least got Kimbrel, Javy Baez, Kris Bryant, and Anthony Rizzo. I would argue there are even more than that, with all of Kyle Hendricks, Jon Lester, Cole Hamels, Yu Darvish, Jose Quintana, and Willson Contreras justifying similar kind of “big name” or “big performance” labels. That just seems like a lot to me.
  • Much more substance on Kimbrel soon, but for now, stray Kimbrel fun:

  • Good work from Cubs Charities:

Author: Brett Taylor

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