Oh, Yes: David Ross Breaks Down His Huge World Series Game 7 Home Run (VIDEO)

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Oh, Yes: David Ross Breaks Down His Huge World Series Game 7 Home Run (VIDEO)

Chicago Cubs

In case you forgot, next season the Chicago Cubs will leave ABC, NBC Sports Chicago, and, yes, even WGN to host all of their games on a new Cubs-centric network called Marquee.

But because regular season Cubs games can’t fill up the entire broadcast calendar on their own, additional programming will be needed. And to prepare for that need, the Cubs network has created some YouTube series test-runs, like Bae v. Ballplayer, Answering Questions with Puppies, and, my personal favorite: The Breakdown.

In this “The Breakdown” series, Cubs players get into the weeds on some of the biggest moments of their careers, while the footage plays in the background. I love getting that behind-the-scenes look at some of the decisions that go into these huge moments. And if you haven’t seen one of these videos before, I definitely recommend the David Bote Walk-off Grand Slam.

But when I woke up today, this one came across my feed and it is magnificent. So sit back and enjoy David Ross walking you through that huge, crucial, memorable, awesome, game-changing Game 7 World Series home run off Andrew Miller.

And learn how a single shake-off of the catcher might’ve changed the course of Cubs history.

“When he shook, I was like ‘Sell out to heater.'”


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Author: Michael Cerami

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