The Cubs Are Coming Out STRONG In the Early All-Star Voting

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The Cubs Are Coming Out STRONG In the Early All-Star Voting

Chicago Cubs

The 2019 All-Star Game (July 9th) will be the 90th such event in Major League Baseball history, and will be hosted by the Indians in Cleveland, where the Cubs won three very memorable games (including that really good one, where David Ross hit a home run) back in 2016. But remember, the voting is entirely different this season!

Fan balloting will run through June 21st (you can vote for the Chicago Cubs right here!), but unlike years past, this is just “the primary.” At the end of this first wave, the top-three vote getters at every infield position and top-nine vote getters in the outfield (for both the AL and NL) will be announced and sent to a final vote. During that final vote, fans will be able to determine this year’s All-Star game starters with a special run off “election” from noon ET on June 26th through 4 p.m. ET on June 27th. So the goal for you, right now, is to get as many Cubs as possible into that special election. Once they’re there, I have no doubt Chicago will show up in force (well, online) to get the Cubs starting spots locked down.

The good news is so far, so good:

As of today, SEVEN Chicago Cubs are on track to be included in the final vote, including two frontrunners in Javy Baez and Willson Contreras. And not that any of these guys need me to make their case for them, but …

  • Willson Conteras: His 142 wRC+ is BY FAR the best among all catchers with at least 200 plate appearances this season (in both leagues).
  • Javy Baez: I’m not going to even say anything. You know he deserves to be there.
  • Kris Bryant: His 140 wRC+ is 3rd best among all NL third basemen
  • Anthony Rizzo: His 149 wRC+ is 3rd best among all NL first basemen and he’s got 17 freakin’ homers before the end of June.
  • Albert Almora/Jason Heyward/Kyle Schwarber: Have a lot of fans in Chicago and I’d like to see all of them in the All-Star game.

As for the pitchers, they’re decided in a “group effort” between player balloting and the Commissioner’s Office, so there’s a lot less certainty over which Cubs could make it. With that said, Kyle Hendricks (7th best ERA, 4th most WAR so far),  feels like he’s on track to be included in his first All-Star game this season, while Cole Hamels (1.7 WAR, 14th in the NL), Jose Quintana (1.6 WAR, 17th), and Jon Lester (1.3 WAR (21st) have all had nice starts to the year, as well. One really hot stretch from any of them could propel them into the conversation when the time comes.

Again, you can vote for the Cubs right here and you can get all your FAQs answered right here. GO VOTE.

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Author: Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami covers the Chicago Cubs, Bears, and Bulls at Bleacher Nation. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami