Road Woes, No More Murphy, Contreras OK With Whiffs, Trade Chips, and Other Bullets

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Road Woes, No More Murphy, Contreras OK With Whiffs, Trade Chips, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

I am not TRYING to listen to this first date sitting next to me at the coffee shop. Truly, I am trying to focus on my work. But they are loudly falling in love with each other instantly. Good for them.

  • Hey, so the Cubs haven’t won on the road in a while, eh? May 29 in Houston, to be precise, as part of a series loss. Some of that is a natural product of playing some really good teams in places where it’s hard to win, but it also feels like some of it is a little bigger than that. Right now, the Cubs are 13 games over at home, and 5 games under on the road. With five more games on this road trip – the latter four of which going through Los Angeles – that number may not improve.
  • Speaking of that trip to Los Angeles, the Dodgers look like they’ll be without Corey Seager, who strained his hamstring last night.
  • We were SO CLOSE to an all-time moment, if this tag had reached Daniel Murphy’s face:

  • By the way, thank the Good Lord above that today should be the last time we see Daniel Murphy this season (no trades!). He continues to just kill the Cubs. Every game. Every at bat. Every pitch. It’s brutal.
  • This is a picture of a player losing his helmet. Would’ve guessed minor league game, but Kris Bryant is in the background, so I’m not sure who or where this was:
(Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
  • Interesting aside in Ken Rosenthal’s latest: part of the reason for Willson Contreras’s success this year is becoming less afraid of striking out. In other words … maybe not sacrificing power for contact? Hmm. Sounds familiar …
  • On the year, Contreras’s strikeout rate is up 5.7 percentage points … but his ISO is up 110(!) points, and his slugging is up 139(!) points! So, yeah. It’s working.
  • This is a fantastic read, but it’s so hard not to see Tyson Miller, Brailyn Marquez, and Riley Thompson discussed as possible midseason trade chips and instantly clench:

  • Remember Eloy Jimenez? Yeah, he still hits it really, really, really far:

  • A bit of a controversial take in the Bears world:

  • Rumors and draft talk among the Bulls items of note:

Author: Brett Taylor

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