Hawk Harrelson Has No Love Lost for Wrigley Field: "That place sucks."

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Hawk Harrelson Has No Love Lost for Wrigley Field: “That place sucks.”

Chicago Cubs

He might not be calling White Sox games anymore, but Hawk Harrelson is still something of an emotional figurehead for the club on the South Side, which is coming to Wrigley Field this week to kick off the Crosstown Classic.

Famously, after moving off the mic, he said he would never set foot in Wrigley Field again, and the Cubs had a playful comeback on Twitter. It was a thing. It was silly and it was fun.

But, sure enough, Harrelson was never entirely kidding, and still doesn’t care for Wrigley Field:

“You couldn’t give me a five, ten-thousand-dollar bill to put another foot in that place.”

I gotta confess … I find it funny. He’s not saying Wrigley Field isn’t a good ballpark for fans to enjoy a game, he’s just saying it sucks to go as a visiting team (and it also kinda sounds like he thinks the place is still falling apart, which, hey, would have been a fair criticism a few years ago). I found Hawk to be nearly intolerable as an announcer, generally, but the man knew how to create a sound byte.

Stuff like this is enjoyable to me, because it’s mostly harmless chatter that slightly ratchets up a series that is without divisional stakes, but nonetheless does carry a bit of weight among fans in the city.

Also, this remains awesome:

Author: Brett Taylor

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