OH, YEAH ... El Mago Can Rake Left-Handed Too (VIDEO)

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OH, YEAH … El Mago Can Rake Left-Handed Too (VIDEO)

Chicago Cubs

On the baseball field, Javy Baez is a righty. He swings righty, he throws righty, he makes magic righty, and so on. But in his life outside of baseball, people tend to forget two things about him: (1) His real name is Ednel and (2) he’s naturally a lefty.

And while we may have seen him swing it as a southpaw before, it never gets less impressive:


LOL. That swing is a thing of beauty.

I’m willing to bet that Baez takes left-handed batting practice for nothing more than fun/to loosen up before a game, but it is hard to ignore just how pretty his swing looks from the left side of the plate. BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE there is no switch-hitting plans in his future.

When a guy finishes as the NL MVP runner up one year and is a threat to make it again the following year, you simply do not change something like that. It’s fun as hell to watch, but that’ll be it. But again, dude … look at that swing.

Oh, and remember: He’s not the only player who can surprisingly do things from the left-side, too:

Author: Michael Cerami

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