Joe Versus Joe, Inevitable Robel Adjustments, Rizzo's Top Speed, and Other Bullets

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Joe Versus Joe, Inevitable Robel Adjustments, Rizzo’s Top Speed, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

The kiddos and I are heading to see The Grandma and The Papa today, which will be a lot of fun if I can survive the solo car trip. The big kids mostly can’t reach each other, so that’s a good start … but what if they figure out they can throw their shoes at each other?

  • I’d give credit to Joe West for blocking the Joe Maddon spin move, but I’m not entirely sure he wasn’t just gonna mostly stand there anyway:

  • Joe West been ridin’ them trails a long time:

  • Thankfully, by the way, David Bote was OK after taking a pitch to the helmet.
(Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images)
  • Amidst all the very deserved love for Robel Garcia, it’s worth reminding folks that – as he already has – the dude is going to strike out A LOT. Over time, he’s probably going to strike out too much to be productive unless he is able to make significant adjustments on the fly at the big league level. Given his extremely limited high-level stateside professional experience, you would have to assume that’s not going to be possible. The most likely outcome is that Garcia is able to do some damage despite the strikeouts for a little while, then gets brutalized for a while, and is sent back down to Iowa to keep working. Obviously I hope he is just a crazy guy who can adjust quickly on the fly – he can survive at maybe a 35% K rate, given the power, but that’s where he already was at AAA. Given his story and the work he’s put in, I wouldn’t put it past him emerging as a nice player in the coming years, but expectations for what he can be for all of 2019 should be limited. (No one is stopping us from loving the heck out of every good moment in the meantime, though!)
  • Single all the way for 97% of MLB players:

  • And I will have you know that there are 62 big league players who are slower than Rizzo, per Statcast. (Shouts to Albert Pujols, Yadi Molina, and Brian McCann for being the slowest guys in the league, which sounds extremely correct.)
  • Love seeing a big day from one of the Cubs’ best prospects:

  • Here come the draft picks:

  • The sublime of the ridiculous:

  • Too on the nose:

  • Thankfully no one was hurt, except perhaps for the Mets prospects who could see what their future might look like in the organization.

Author: Brett Taylor

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