Could You Beat Gary Pressy in Cubs Trivia?

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Could You Beat Gary Pressy in Cubs Trivia?

Chicago Cubs

Although I’m a lifelong Cubs fan and current Cubs blogger, I’ve always been reluctant to find myself in any sort of Cubs trivia challenge. That’s just never been my strong suit, and if you found yourself in the same room as Luis as often as I do, you’d feel the same way too (that guy is a damn encyclopedia of Cubs knowledge and history).

But with all of that said … I do think I would’ve been pretty good at this recent challenge, sent out by the Cubs Production team on their new YouTube channel.

If you have the time, sit back and enjoy three rounds of Cubs trivia between fans outside Wrigley Field, who go through a couple of elimination rounds before going toe-to-toe with Gary Pressy, himself.

Make use of that pause button and stay honest … how well can you do?

Without any cheating or help – and in what I tried to make a reasonably short period of time – I answered the lights question correctly and listed 5 Hall-of-Famers (maybe I should’ve gotten more, but when you’re answering quickly and on-the-spot it’s tough!).

When it came time to the RBI question, however, I’m embarrassed to say I should’ve done better. I obviously mentioned Dexter Fowler’s leadoff blast, Ben Zobrist’s game-winner, David Ross’ memorable homer, and Javy Baez, but I completely spaced on Addison Russell and Miguel Montero (who’s RBI was extremely important … and often forgotten). I also said Anthony Rizzo … but I was just guessing.

How well did you do? Do you think it’d be tougher in person?

Author: Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami covers the Chicago Cubs, Bears, and Bulls at Bleacher Nation. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami