What Strike Zone, Pulling Hendricks, Strop and Wick, and Other Bullets

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What Strike Zone, Pulling Hendricks, Strop and Wick, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

You can expect a roster move today, as lefty Derek Holland will officially arrive. I can imagine a variety of possibilities for the roster move with him, from a positional guy getting bounced or IL’d, or a reliever getting IL’d. I don’t want to speculate until we hear more. But something will happen one way or another.

Until then …

  • The strike zone last night was, how do you say, *uses French accent for dramatic flair* gar-bage. Terrible bottom of the zone, inconsistent at the edges, just not great overall (Brooks):

  • To my eye, it was not just a matter of the framing difference between Yasmani Grandal (elite) and Willson Contreras (poor). A lot of it was just … what are you looking at, home plate umpire dude?
  • Brandon Kintzler – who was screwed out of key strikes in the decisive 8th inning – was not impressed:

  • About the Strop usage. I’m particularly frustrated that Rowan Wick, who was available and ultimately cleaned up the inning, was not used in that spot instead of Strop. He’s been very good all year (limited opportunities in the bigs, dominant at AAA), the front office believes in him, and he needs a shot so you know what you have. You already know what you have in Strop, and, right now, it’s a guy operating at something much less than he usually is.
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  • Oh, the Kyle Hendricks pull – I didn’t really have a beef with it. Hendricks was looking good, but he was also at 90 pitches and going through the lineup the third time with Christian Yelich looming. You get a pinch hitter there and then the top of the lineup, and maybe some more offense shows up. I really would have been fine either way:

  • It did make the margin for error with the bullpen much thinner if you didn’t want to go with Strop, though, and the real gaffe, in my view, was not just letting Kyle Ryan finish that 6th inning. By bringing in Steve Cishek, the goal was clearly to let him get the final out and then pitch a clean 7th, but Cishek was wild, prolonged the 6th, and there was a cascade effect from there.
  • Cole Hamels will start tomorrow at Iowa:

  • Big kudos to this guy, who worked for so many years to get this shot:

  • Bears fans are ready at camp:

  • I can only hope this joke looks very stupid come tomorrow evening:

  • Zen:

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