I Read Jed Hoyer's Latest Comments on Brandon Morrow as That's That

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I Read Jed Hoyer’s Latest Comments on Brandon Morrow as That’s That

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I guess today is just the day for return notes. Cole Hamels’ return? Soon. Ben Zobrist’s return? Later. Brandon Morrow’s return?

Probably never.

Given the history there, I would take that as about as close to the front office saying “yeah, he’s not coming back” as they’re ever going to be willing to say.

The run down …

Consider that Morrow has now missed over a year of action, at age 35, and is a guy who succeeds on the basis of high velocity. He had a decade of serious injury issues before coming to the Cubs, and was used extremely heavily by the Dodgers before the Cubs signed him. He then injured his elbow at midseason (it was termed many things initially, which I suspect was not a matter of confusion or misleading, but instead was because there was a whole lotta crap messed up in there), tried to work his way back, but had to be shut down again at the end of the season. Then, after more work, he/they realized he actually needed surgery two months after the season ended. Then, his recovery from that surgery took longer than most. Then he had multiple setbacks trying to build back up. Then his build up has been as slow as possible, and word has come out that he hasn’t been recovering well after throwing. Mostly, we’ve heard nothing at all.

It would just be crazy to think, at this point – after all of that – that a guy who isn’t even facing batters at any level in August is going to be back and contributing to a postseason contender before the end of September. It just isn’t going to happen, and that’ll end Morrow’s tenure with the Cubs.

Thank you for the very good half-season, Morrow, and best of luck going forward. This was precisely the risk in signing Morrow in the first place.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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