Cubs Pitchers Doing Something They Haven't Done in 114 Years and Other Bullets

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Cubs Pitchers Doing Something They Haven’t Done in 114 Years and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

The residual tiredness and bodily system wonkiness that arises because of the Blogathon is almost in the past. I think the older I get, the better I’m getting at the Blogathon process itself, but man, afterwards, it just takes so many days to get my sleep/eating/etc. back on a normal schedule. Almost there.

  • For a team that has battled walk problems the last few years as much as my family has battled spinach pancake problems, these feats are just incredible:

  • Also, consider that 8 of yesterday’s 9 innings were pitched by Yu Darvish and Tyler Chatwood! NO WALKS. That is something else. More on Darvish later.
  • As for Chatwood, how about this: the current spread between his strikeout rate (20.0%) and walk rate (11.9%) is the largest of his career. His ERA- is 6% better than league average. He’s a perfectly solid and useful pitcher, especially given the way he’s swung in and out of roles. Who would have called that as any kind of certainty last year?
  • Hey, how about Derek Holland getting through the heart of the Brewers’ order in a still tight game? That’s how it looks when he faces lefties. He’s really, really, really good against lefties.
  • Yesterday’s four-hit game tied a career high for Anthony Rizzo.
  • Keeping an eye on this, obviously:

  • Five years of El Mago:

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  • Apparently no one wanted Oscar De La Cruz on their 40-man roster:

  • Big talent. Great fastball. Little health. Not much swing and miss. PED suspension. I suppose that’ll do it. I could easily still see him having a future in the bigs as a reliever, though. A lotta good bones to start with.
  • Miguel Amaya, impressing:

  • The South Bend Cubs were down 6-0 but came back to win yesterday (though Zobrist ultimately went 0-3):

  • Podcasting:

Good cause, good fun:

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Author: Brett Taylor

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