Worst Home-Road Split in Franchise History, Big Z Hits 97, and Other Bullets

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Worst Home-Road Split in Franchise History, Big Z Hits 97, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

For reasons that I will perhaps later regret, I doubled down on my usual intake of caffeine this morning, and I am about to lift my car over my head and/or doing a standing jump onto the roof. BRB.

  • There is nothing new to share on the Cubs’ home/road split, other than to note how perverse it is, and ponder to what extent it is now in the players’ heads:

  • One more thing to make you shake your head in profound disappointment:

  • Oh wait, one more:

  • Oh, wait wait, I’ve got one more of my own: the Cubs have been walked off on an incredible EIGHT TIMES this year, including FOUR TIMES in the last three weeks. That’s a whole lot of maximizing pain.
  • Although I don’t blame him for the losses in an individual capacity, I am having trouble getting past the thought that if David Bote simply makes a play on a bouncing ball each of the last two nights, the Cubs win both games. I’m sure he’s thinking about it, too, and here’s hoping the mental skills crew makes sure he doesn’t linger on it.
(Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)
  • I don’t know what happened with Bote’s defense from last year (looked fantastic, especially at third) to this year (looks tentative and frequently terrible), but that’ll definitely be something to work on this offseason if he’s going to stay a part of this club as a utility guy. Kind of an important part of the gig.
  • Is he available to close today:

  • I think it’s interesting that the Cubs are already testing out Ben Zobrist coming off the bench in a game, and it makes you wonder if they think he could be close to ready after this weekend:

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  • META: I want to drop this note a few times over the coming weeks/months, because you regulars deserve a heads up on the transition. At some point, probably in the baseball offseason, we’re going to change the home page at BN to include all three of the sports we cover (baseball, football, basketball). HOWEVER, if you don’t want to go to that page, no worries: there will be a Cubs page, just like the current home page, and you can just update your bookmark URL (it’ll be like bn dot com slash cubs or something). For you, everything will be the same on that page – just a different address. Oh, and I’m still the main Cubs guy and all that jazz. It really is a fairly insignificant change for folks who just dig the Cubs stuff, but I want us to better integrate all of our coverage on the home page. That’s the gist. OK. So there’s your early heads up. More when we actually get close to the URL shift.

Author: Brett Taylor

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