I Love This Guy: Nick Castellanos is Very Happy to Be On the Cubs

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I Love This Guy: Nick Castellanos is Very Happy to Be On the Cubs

Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs are undoubtedly very happy to have Nick Castellanos on the team. I sure am.

The 27-year-old outfielder, acquired at the Trade Deadline, has posted a whopping .348/.392/.710 slash line (178 wRC+) through 74 PAs with his new team. By WAR, he’s been worth as much with the Cubs already (0.8) as he was in 100 games with the Tigers.

And, since the Cubs are in a pennant race, that “value” is all the more … well, valuable. A reality Castellanos, himself, seems to recognize. Today, while doing an event with 670 The Score, Castellanos likened the trade to being underwater, desperate for breath, and then finally getting to the surface to breathe:

And of his new manager, when he heard Joe Maddon’s praise for him as a player and a person, Castellanos was momentarily overcome with emotion (in the best, most relatable, most human way):

Remember, this is a guy who has been through a lot of growth personally, on and off the field, and it’s not hard to see that he’s the KIND of player you would just want around. When you consider the entire package – the projected future performance, the great fit at Wrigley Field, and the different type of life experience/baseball attitude? I don’t think it’s at all crazy, in this specific situation, to start considering extension talks. Maybe I’ve gone meatball and irrational, but I just like this guy. Feels right for this team.

Bonus? He’s been with the Cubs only a short while and he already gets that the Pirates are a-holes:


Author: Brett Taylor

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