Savage Hendricks, Players Weekend, Graveman Appears, Roederer Slugs, and Other Bullets

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Savage Hendricks, Players Weekend, Graveman Appears, Roederer Slugs, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

So, I got in trouble last night because of a Bears tweet I fired off quickly when I saw that the Packers’ first round pick, Rashan Gary, had been carted off the field in a preseason game. I would never make a joke about something like that, and instead, I just wanted to share the info and comment “yikes.” So – and here was the mistake – I shared the injury tweet with just a single emoji. This one: 😬 (titled “grimacing face,” for the record). Apparently not everyone agrees on the meaning of that one? Because our Bears Twitter account got lit up for it, with people thinking I was celebrating the injury or laughing at it or something. Pretty sure Luis hates me right about now. So I guess the lesson is be careful in assuming everyone has the same understanding for what an emoji means? And also, maybe don’t use an emoji to convey a serious message about an injury? My bad, Lu.

  • The Pitching Ninja likes to have fun with Kyle Hendricks outings, the tenor of which will I think become clear as you watch this hilarious bit from yesterday:

  • I still can’t get over the fact that Hendricks has walked two or fewer batters in 23 STRAIGHT STARTS.

  • Hendricks’ ERA is down to 3.20, 28% better than league average by ERA-, and 17th best in baseball.
  • Adding to that, this paragraph from Bastian’s gamer pretty much says it all about the rotation in 2019: “The Cubs are the only team in the NL to have five starters with at least 115 innings apiece in 2019. Only the Cardinals have used fewer starters than Chicago (seven) this season. This outing by Hendricks marked the 15th time this year that the Cubs had a starter compile at least seven strikeouts and no walks in an outing. Only the Dodgers (19) and Astros (18) can claim more such starts.”
(Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
  • The entirety of the offense yesterday was a Jason Heyward ball lost in the sun, and then an Anthony Rizzo rocket:

  • Players Weekend kicks off today, and if a lot of players do stuff like this, those plain black and plain white uniforms might actually wind up looking great:

  • There’s a name we haven’t heard anything about since the offseason:

  • The Cubs signed righty Kendall Graveman to a minimum deal as he rehabbed from Tommy John, but it came with a $3 million club option for 2020, which is primarily what the Cubs are going to be evaluating him for right now. Yes, technically he could come up and contribute down the stretch, but his contract is such that if he’s up for even a single day, he gets an additional $1.425 million. Not sure the Cubs are going to pay that out for a few relief outings from a guy coming back from Tommy John. But an option for the 2020 rotation and/or swing depth? I love that signing, and I love that he’s getting back out there.
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  • This is fun:

  • Also fun from that game, Cole Roederer blasting off twice, including a casual bat flip on dinger number two, and a massive celebration from his family:

  • As Roederer’s power comes along, he’s going to explode, because the rest of his game is already so well put together for a 19-year-old. Just watch what happens for this kid in 2020.
  • Hey, if Yu Darvish says it, then it must be correct:

  • Michael nailed this one:

  • We’ll have to follow this story, because it could get even more significant. For now, it’s already big news, as players won’t be permitted to go to Venezuela this winter to play in the leagues there:

  • Interesting – the Phillies are kicking around a plan to have Aaron Nola pitch every fifth day the rest of the way, regardless of off-days or the rest of the rotation order. Kinda seems like extra days of rest here and there help production overall, but I suppose I understand the instinct to squeeze a couple extra starts from your best guy, especially when the rest of the rotation is a mess.
  • Hey, that’s fun:

  • And something cool coming:

Author: Brett Taylor

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