Getting Good at Getting Over Blowouts, Lester, El Mago, Uniforms, and Other Bullets

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Getting Good at Getting Over Blowouts, Lester, El Mago, Uniforms, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

Hey, man. They had a five-game winning streak, and then lost a game. I’m not gonna get all sour about a blowout yesterday. Moving on today. I feel fine. I’m getting really good at getting over blowouts.

  • It kinda seems like the best thing anyone could come up with about yesterday’s lopsided loss is that it gave Joe Maddon an opportunity to get a few innings of rest for his regulars ( “That should be beneficial, hopefully. I wanted [Baez] out of there and Jason, the same way. Jason, playing center field, there’s a lot of running around out there and he gives you full effort all the time, too. So, those are the two I wanted out of there.”
  • Oh, I suppose the other good thing from yesterday was a couple flashes of premium El Mago:

  • Bonus Javy, as he takes a low and early toss to second base and still manages to coordinate the reception with the toe touch with the throw:

  • As for the bad stuff yesterday, well, there was plenty. The bats did nothing for the second straight day, and Jon Lester gave up a boatload in just 4.1 innings. Could we say that he gave up only eight singles (and one homer), many of which were ground balls? That he didn’t exactly give up a ton of hard contact? Yes, yes, we could. And maybe I should. Because I’m not sure he was actually all that terrible yesterday. But he didn’t generate a lot of soft contact, and when you’re allowing so many balls into play, sometimes they’re going to string together for a lot of offense (we’ve seen this before with Lester the last few years). I wouldn’t say yesterday made me any more or less concerned about the rest of Lester’s season, for what it’s worth.

  • As you could see from his comments there, Lester feels physically fine, and isn’t too happy that he’s gotten totally blown up in 20% of his starts this year. But if he’s got an answer, he’s not sharing it publicly. Just have to execute pitches better and such and such. I know it all sounds cliche, but I’m not super interested in betting against him yet.
(Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)
  • Obviously I don’t care about the pitcher W/L stat, and a lot of this time was in the other league, but still, this is pretty wild:

  • Regarding the Players Weekend uniforms, which wound up looking exactly as disappointing as expected, this sounds right:

  • Look at this hero over here. Thanks, Tigers:

  • Miscellaneous good stuff:

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