Soak Up the Off-Day, Gentlemen, Because It Gets a Little Bumpy From Here

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Soak Up the Off-Day, Gentlemen, Because It Gets a Little Bumpy From Here

Chicago Cubs

The Cubs’ schedule so far this year, in terms of travel and off-days and what-have-you, really hasn’t been too bad. Sure, they’ve had weird and dumb things like everyone does, but it’s been nooooooothing like last year was, with it’s insanely long stretches with no off-days and perverse travel impositions.

That said, even back when the schedule was released, we noticed one problematic stretch in the schedule, in terms of rest and travel.

And it has arrived.

Starting tomorrow, the Cubs will play 18 straight days – at the most critical time of the year – and their travel will go like this:

  • Four days in Milwaukee, ending on Sunday.
  • Then fly west to San Diego to play immediately on Monday night.
  • Then, after a late-afternoon start in San Diego on Thursday, fly back to Chicago for an afternoon game against the Pirates.
  • Then a three game set at night against the Reds (fine, fine), before a stretch-concluding, critical four-game series at home against the Cardinals.

That’s going to be a bear, HOWEVA, I still don’t quite feel like complaining.

Yes, this is a really tough stretch to have at such a critical time, and yes, it sucks that the Cardinals come at the end of that stretch for four games. But at least that series is at home, following six other games at home. And at least several of these teams *should* be quite bad. And at least it’s in September, when, in theory, the Cubs can rotate in a lot of guys to keep players sharp and rested, despite the 18 consecutive games.

I think it could be OK.

That said, here’s hoping the guys are still getting in their rest today, because it’s definitely crunch time.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.