Weird Replay Decision, Willy and Nick Monsters, Star Fan, Soler, McCarver, and Other Bullets

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Weird Replay Decision, Willy and Nick Monsters, Star Fan, Soler, McCarver, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

One of my fillings came out, so I have to get that fixed today. That seems … not good? I’ll let you know how it goes …

  • Good teams beat bad teams, especially at home. So there’s no reason not to celebrate the Cubs’ mini-sweep over the Mariners this week – as we’ve seen, the Cubs don’t always win those games/series, even when they should.
  • Thankfully, it’s an entirely academic discussion, because the run didn’t matter in the final accounting, but that one Mariners run last night was super weird. On a single to left, Kyle Schwarber wound up back-picking a runner at second base, with Ben Zobrist applying a very nice quick tag to get the guy for the third out of the inning. And it came a fraction of a second before Dee Gordon stepped on home plate for the run (I watched a lot of replays to sync up this screen shot to the moment the tag was definitely on):

  • The Mariners challenged the tag at second, and ultimately, the call of out was upheld. Joe Maddon then tried to confirm that, for that reason, the run did not score … but was told that he was too late to challenge, because he didn’t challenge THAT part within the first 30 seconds, per the rule. But if the Mariners dude had been safe at second, there was no challenge to be had at home. Yet, that’s the way the umps handle it:

  • I do get it, but on the other hand, you’re already reviewing the dang play. Why intentionally leave the call wrong? Can you imagine if this happened with a decisive run in a big game? It’s a really rare situation, but it just feels like there is a better way to handle this. Then again, maybe calling it to everyone’s attention right now will ensure that managers provisionally challenge more often.

  • When Kyle Schwarber’s mammoth homer ricocheted around the back row of the right field bleachers, it wound up between two women taking in the game – presumably not expecting a home run to reach them – and they became stars of the night:

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  • I love this picture because it kinda looks like Willson Contreras is having to hold Nick Castellanos back from flipping out, shirt flying open and everything:
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
  • In reality, if shit was going down and those two were out there, I would be freaking terrified to be on the other side. They might be the two most high-energy dudes on the team.
  • Both of those guys homered last night, with Contreras’s being his 20th of the season. If we count Castellanos (23 on the season overall, 12 with the Cubs), the team now has SIX guys with at least 20 homers, with the other four being Kyle Schwarber (33), Javy Baez (29), Kris Bryant (26), and Anthony Rizzo (25).
  • Trolled:

  • Love this shot:

  • Well this is very sweet and nice:

  • Eric Thames and Nick Castellanos should get together for a Philosophy of Baseball TED Talk:

  • Good for him, man. Hip, Hip, Jorge:

  • A reminder that Tim McCarver has been done for a long time:

  • Bonus flashback:

  • Rizzo:

  • Thanks so much to Michael for having me on for the first episode of his podcast (I’ve gotten a sneak peek of the other guests, and I am by far the least interesting). It was really nice to talk about meta stuff and life stuff, and not just Cubs stuff:

  • If you’re gonna be around on Monday, September 16, go to Social Media Night before the game and we can hang out:

  • Bears fun and NFL news as we wait just one more day …

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