Hooray for Hultzen, Darvish's Pitches, Graveman Dominates, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Hooray for Hultzen, Darvish’s Pitches, Graveman Dominates, and Other Cubs Bullets

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As Columbus starts buzzing like crazy for Buckeyes games again, I do feel a little pang of missing caring about college football. It’s awfully fun. But with so much time/emotional energy spent obsessing about the Cubs, I just don’t have a lot of that left for anything else outside of the Bears. Maybe when the kids get a little older? I don’t know if there is a life phase thing when it comes to certain sports, but if there is, I’m just out of it with college football right now. It’s a bummer this time of year.

  • Anyone else just sitting around lighting candles for Javy Baez’s thumb? He’s getting an MRI today.
  • If you missed the very great story last night, Danny Hultzen – the former number two overall pick from 2011 whose ascension was cut short by injuries – is going to be called up today by the Cubs, to finally reach the big leagues. The corresponding 40-man roster move is TBA (hopefully no one is going to the 60-day IL).
  • More on Hultzen:

  • Joe Maddon has some thoughts about the Brewers’ ballpark:

  • This a fun one to enjoy as we look ahead to Yu Darvish’s return to the rotation tonight:

  • Down 0-2 in their series, in a do-or-die game, the Iowa Cubs pulled out a victory last night to extend the series. They go again tonight in Des Moines, with Trevor Clifton getting the start.
  • In last night’s win, rehabbing starter Kendall Graveman was dominant (one hit, one walk, no runs, and five Ks in 3.2 innings). I still don’t think the Cubs are going to add him to the roster this year (it costs them $1.5 million to do so), but he’s definitely going to be in the conversation for the rotation next year – that was the whole point in signing him, a la Drew Smyly.
  • Graveman, 28, was a decent prospect when he part of the Blue Jays’ Josh Donaldson trade. He was an up-and-down starter for the next few years, before succumbing to Tommy John surgery in 2018. At his best he was a contact manager, and an EXTREME groundball guy who didn’t walk anyone, but also didn’t really strike anyone out. What he is post-TJS remains to be seen, but you shouldn’t view him as a lock to be in the rotation or dominant if he is. He’s not that guy. Instead, he’s just a decent, young, depth option who might show up next year and win a spot.
  • Sad news in the baseball world and the Cardinals world, and thoughts go out to his family and friends:

  • Heh, this is funny: BioFreeze, one of the Cubs’ most visible sponsors, is a Deal of the Day at Amazon today.
  • This seems like just a bit too much anger – like, dude, you-might-really-hurt-your-foot anger:

  • A bit of hybrid Bears/baseball commentary from me, tied to Luis’ post about the Packers specifically gameplanning to force Mitch Trubisky to beat them, which he did not. I am HOPING that a lot of it was the O-line getting blown up, and that there are adjustments that can be made there. I’m nothing if not always hopeful. HOWEVER, Trubisky never looked settled, never looked quick to make decisions, and locked onto Allen Robinson constantly. He looked like a physically talented rookie out there, and that’s really scary to me. The nature of the sport is so different from baseball, where a guy who you believe in can look like utter garbage in all the ways you fear, but you don’t lose faith because you know he can look just fine the next day. In football? With a quarterback, in particular? Who has now been working with this coach and this scheme for well over a year and a half? It’s amazing how one very, very, very bad performance can shake you a bit.
  • Also from the football world, insanity in the Antonio Brown storyline.

Author: Brett Taylor

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