Cubs Adding New Positions, Tech Needs, NL Wild Card Arrives, Netting, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Cubs Adding New Positions, Tech Needs, NL Wild Card Arrives, Netting, and Other Cubs Bullets

Chicago Cubs

Ugh. The season is in the rearview, which means I get to dig in more on under-the-hood tasks here at BN, and it means I discover technical problems of which I was previously blissfully unaware. If only I hadn’t dug in … (ok, no, actually that would have been worse). #AdminProblems

While I bang away at some code, you read these Bullets …

  • The new manager isn’t the only big hire coming to the Cubs organization. Among the many revelations in Theo Epstein’s end-of-season presser yesterday, I found it interesting that, when discussion infrastructure changes the Cubs need to make at an organization level because (I’m putting words in his mouth here a little bit) the Cubs have fallen behind the top of the league, he mentioned two new positions the Cubs would be hiring for: Director of Pitching, and Director of Hitting.
  • At first blush, you might think … don’t the Cubs already have that? And yeah, they do have a minor league pitching coordinator (Brendan Sagara) and minor league hitting coordinator (Chris Valaika). But I’m thinking what Epstein is talking about – and it makes so much more sense – is adding a guy who is in charge of ALL the pitching or hitting development for the organization, not just at the minor league level (and then leaving the big league stuff to the coaching staff). Given the way you want this stuff to be integrated throughout an org, this would seem to be a pair of really key positions (and it makes me wonder if those rumors about DriveLine’s Kyle Boddy getting an interview were for the Director of Pitching position (yes please)).
  • I suspect these dudes will be very technologically-inclined, given the way the game is trending. You need people who not only know how to employ the newest and best technology, but also how to translate it to performance, AND how to stay ahead of the rest of the league on tech. The Cubs have done great things with their Pitch Lab this past year, but clearly, that was a game of catch-up, not a game of get-ahead.
  • Keep in mind, the Cubs are also looking for a new man in charge of scouting and player development, after Jason McLeod was moved over to the big league side.
  • This does sum up a huge part of the difference between tonight’s NL Wild Card competitors:

  • I can’t even rip the Brewers at this point, because they’ve made the EXTREME bullpenning work for them for two years now. The organization deserves a lot of credit for targeting the right guys, and Craig Counsell deserves a ton of credit for deploying them so well night in and night out.
  • … but hell if I’m gonna be rooting for them tonight. Go Nats. Go Scherzer.
  • Netting:

Author: Michael Cerami

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