Obsessive Manager Watch: Girardi Wants Cubs or Mets More? Loretta Speaks the Language, More

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Obsessive Manager Watch: Girardi Wants Cubs or Mets More? Loretta Speaks the Language, More

Chicago Cubs

The Cubs’ managerial search has entered the interview phase, with Mark Loretta getting his interview this past week, and David Ross, Will Venable, and Joe Girardi coming next week. Others to be named? I think it’s likely.

More from the managerial circuit …

  • And from Girardi, speaking with Dave Kaplan (who had previously pegged Girardi as the guy he’d like to see get the Cubs job), and seemingly still very interested in the Cubs:


  • The biggest markets are open for managerial slots, and the pundits are positioning Girardi as a “ooh, New York or Chicago?” guy. That said, they don’t quite seem to have a consistent pulse on which way he – or the teams – are leaning:

“Joe is passionate and he’s competitive and he’s going to do what he believes needs to be done. I know one thing: There will never be an issue in the clubhouse, in the dugout with the accountability and that is what this game is losing now. You are losing accountability. Guys need to be told the truth. They don’t need to be told how great they are all the time. They need to be challenged — in the right way, not in a derogatory way — and that is what [Girardi] will do. He has the players’ backs, but if there is an issue he addresses it. I don’t think Joe is wound too tight.”

  • Meanwhile, another former player in the mix for the Mets:

  • As well as an LOL in the mix:

  • Mark Loretta – who interviewed with the Cubs this week – spoke with Bruce Levine this morning about his time with the Cubs as the bench coach, and about his strong desire to manage. He sounds VERY much like he speaks the same language as the current Cubs front office. You almost think for a moment you’re listening to an interview with an assistant GM.
  • You are reminded that Loretta comes from a front office background, and was brought in by the Cubs to help be a conduit between the front office and the players, and between the players and the manager. So it’s not surprising that he sounds a lot like the front office when he talks about what he does, and what he would do going forward. I know he’s not a sexy, big name candidate, but that doesn’t mean he’s not the right guy – it kinda just depends whether the front office wants a guy who is deeply an extension of themselves in the dugout, or someone who works with them, but also kinda does his own thing (I’m extrapolating and generalizing a lot here, mind you). I don’t know that there’s a wrong answer there – at least not that we’re privy to – so I think it’s wholly appropriate that Loretta is in the mix, especially now having gotten a year of experience serving right under Joe Maddon.
  • Speaking of Maddon, the Padres aren’t giving up hope that he’s not already gone to the Angels:

Author: Brett Taylor

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