Three Elimination Games Arrive, Two Cubs Prospects Get Honors, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Three Elimination Games Arrive, Two Cubs Prospects Get Honors, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Finally finished Season Three of ‘True Detective’ last night. What a freaking rebound from the depths of Season Two. No, Three is not up there with Season One, but virtually nothing is, as Season One of ‘True Detective’ is literally the best single season of any show ever. Still, Season Three is truly excellent in its own ways, and holy crap Mahershala Ali’s performance. Blown away by what he accomplished, and how he didn’t win the Emmy is absolutely mystifying to me now. Anyway, if you’re looking for a show to binge in the offseason, I could not possibly recommend Seasons One and Three of ‘True Detective’ more loudly.

  • Despite entering play on Monday with a chance that every single LDS would be over by the end of the day, it turns out that three of the four will reach a decisive Game Five. That’s pretty fun.
  • The Rays beat the Astros last night on the strength of some early scoring against Justin Verlander on short rest, and some crazy defense. This relay is as good as it gets:

  • If you want to get reeeeeally nerdy on the relay, please read this great Mike Petriello piece on all the math behind how they pulled it off. The short version? They really had to do everything *perfectly* to get Altuve. We’re not just using words there – basically the math does not work if each of the Rays on that play do not perform to their most perfect level.
  • About those decisive Games Five, there are two of them today: the Cardinals face the Braves at 4pm CT, and the Nationals face the Dodgers at 7:30pm CT. Can I interest anyone in a Braves-Nats NLCS?
  • The Rays and Astros will wrap things up tomorrow. Of note, if the Astros were to be eliminated, the Cubs could sooner have an answer on whether they’ll get a chance to interview bench coach Joe Espada.
  • Tommy Pham has had some ups and downs professionally, and I know this message probably won’t be received well by everyone, but I dig it:

  • Also, 99 mph should not move this much, man:

  • Two Cubs prospects are hitting up the AFL’s Fall Stars Game on Saturday:

  • Jonathan Lucroy thinking ahead to his next gig? You wonder about almost all veteran catchers, whether they’ll get into coaching at some point:

  • This is the buzzy story in the sports world this morning, I am imagining this in the baseball context, and it is wild. You don’t need to know or care about other sports for this to be wild, or to consider how it would play out in the stateside media. This is a top pro soccer player’s wife, and the payoff is also another top soccer player’s wife:

  • Oof. Can you even imagine the awkwardness?
  • Speaking of non-baseball stuff that I enjoy considering in the baseball context … the next addition at Wrigley Field:

  • Nice, Anker charging gear is a Deal of the Day at Amazon, and it’s time to stock up because certain unnamed members – plural – of the Taylor household keep losing all my chargers. Gonna try one of the wireless chargers (and hide it from the family).

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