Did the League Already Fix the Juiced Ball for the Postseason? More Dodgers Heartache, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Did the League Already Fix the Juiced Ball for the Postseason? More Dodgers Heartache, and Other Cubs Bullets

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I’m still thinking about how the Braves gave up 10 RUNS in the FIRST INNING of a DO-OR-DIE playoff game. Credit to the Cardinals and all that, but good lord. That’s something you just won’t see again any time soon.

  • That’s a Will Smith deep fly out to right, and this was the Dodgers bench:

  • Ouch. Even as I don’t feel bad that the Dodgers wasted another prime year, I certainly can see how brutal that is.
Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)
  • I also found it fascinating that Smith’s ball didn’t go out when considering this new info by Rob Arthur (and also a couple really deep fly outs in some other series this postseason):

  • The playoff balls are freshly made every year, so it wouldn’t be crazy to learn that MLB tweaked the process with these impacts in mind. Remember, the Commissioner has already said the league wants to do something about the juiced ball. So … have we already seen it? Definitely going to be EYES ON for the rest of the playoffs.
  • The flip side of this is why would MLB do this, secretly, in the freaking postseason when everyone knows this is an issue? If you were going to make a change – first of all, make it at the start of next season – you’ve gotta announce it. Otherwise, you’re just making this whole thing unnecessarily suspicious (after years of denying there was even an issue). I just wonder if there have been changes to the process – ongoing – and no one quite knows what the impact is going to be until it’s out there on the field.
  • Separately, while Dave Roberts has clearly been a great manager for the Dodgers, you always do wonder in these situations where a great team repeatedly disappoints in the biggest spots, when will the “FIRE HIMMMMMM” calls begin (despite the fact that he was just extended last year)? This game probably isn’t going to help:

  • I think this is a perfectly fair question. I can at least *fathom* of some people saying Dodgers, if – for example – they were especially pessimistic about the Cubs’ near-term future. But for 95% of Cubs fans, I reckon the answer is really easy:

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  • This isn’t really new information if you’ve been following along, but since it’s coming from a national guy, I want to share it as further underscoring:

  • Basically, this doesn’t come out unless those big changes are happening. We already know about one – Jason McLeod moving from the top scouting/player development spot over to the big league side – and we already know the Cubs want to hire Directors of Pitching and Hitting. I expect the changes to run deep, and I hope we see fruits as soon as next year, though it might take a little longer to fully shake out (drafts, IFA signings, and development take years – hopefully some of the turnaround on that front actually started a year or two ago).
  • A little Arizona Fall League updating from Bryan:

  • Man, I sure hope he opts out just to keep things interesting:

  • Credit to the Nationals for winning their first ever postseason series, by the way:

  • Back to the Cardinals and Braves … get a grip, ya turd:

  • Get in early:

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