Cardinals Will Have to Watch Out for Juan Soto's Crotch-Grab Shuffle (Also, They Lost)

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Cardinals Will Have to Watch Out for Juan Soto’s Crotch-Grab Shuffle (Also, They Lost)

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I’m sure at least part of it is because we’re Cubs fans, and so we’re watching the Cardinals with an extra salty side-eye, but it’s not ALL because of that. Some of it is that the Cardinals just seem to whine and cry about a lot of stuff.

They do it when they’re playing the Cubs, they did it when Ronald Acuña, Jr. had some fun (and seemed to make into a swear-filled national emergency in their post-NLDS celebration), and they are at risk of doing it with another young superstar.

To be sure, what Juan Soto does (often) when taking a ball is impossible not to notice, which I’m sure is part of the reason he does it. I remember when the Cubs first faced him last year thinking it was a whole lot of something for taking a single pitch, but whatever. He’s allowed to do it, and if it bothers his opponents, he’s gonna keep doing it.

Enter the Cardinals:

Here’s what happened last night. Recently, Soto has added something new to his shuffle, a robust junk adjustment:

Yep. They’re still there.

So anyway, Soto was doing that last night, and the Cardinals were getting ticked. Then Soto does an EXTREMELY demonstrative shuffle and crotch grab:

And, after he’s retired, Miles Mikolas returns the favor:

Obviously you don’t want kids quite knowing what was going on there (they don’t quite grasp all the context yet), but outside of that, I actually don’t have a problem with Mikolas doing a little something after getting Soto out in a huge moment like that. A little back and forth? It’s fine.

And I respect Mikolas and Soto even more, because after the fact, neither expressed any beef at all.

“He has a routine where he shuffles around the box, and adjusts his cup and whatnot, but I was just having fun out there,” Mikolas said of the exchange, per “Kind of giving it back to him in a good-natured, ribbing kind of way. No intent to be mean or trying to start anything, just having fun out of there.”

“For me, that’s good,” Soto, who saw the gesture, said after the game. “If he reacts, I don’t mind. He got me out. He can do whatever he wants. I’m going to laugh at it. We’re going to keep going and face him again.”

See, baseball? It can be like this! Even when a stodgy respect-the-game franchise like the Cardinals is facing an exuberant young superstar. It can go well! Here’s hoping the rest of the Cardinals take Mikolas’s lead.

Oh, also the Cardinals nearly got no-hit by Anibal Sanchez and lost the game 2-0. So that’s also just fine. Game Two is this afternoon at 3pm CT.

(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.