Cardinals Were the Worst, Pitcher Development, Effross, Amaya, Cubs Hiring, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Cardinals Were the Worst, Pitcher Development, Effross, Amaya, Cubs Hiring, and Other Cubs Bullets

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I’m eating a banana this morning, and all I can think about is wanting to know what the Gros Michel tasted like thanks to Michael’s Cubs-as-bananas post. WHAT AM I MISSING OUT ON?!?!

  • SCardenfreude – the Cardinals were, quite literally, the worst hitting LCS team in baseball history:

  • Yeah, yeah, mucho credit to the Nationals’ incredible pitching. Everyone focuses on bullpens in October, and understandably so. But when you’ve got three starting pitchers like Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, and Patrick Corbin (to say nothing of the contributions from Anibal Sanchez)? That’s quite a way to go, too. Old school. Also: very expensive.
  • This picture *almost* makes me feel bad before I chuckle:
(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
  • This is a fantastic read not only on how relief prospect Scott Effross has evolved, but also more generally about how the Cubs are being more aggressive developmentally – taking risks, shooting for big rewards:

  • Bonus snippet in there? Extremely high praise for catching prospect Miguel Amaya from Effross: “He’s been so solid for me behind the plate. I think I could talk about him for a while but he is so advanced for his for his age. He’s just such a good catcher and he takes it so seriously back there. He’s been great for me. I ask him all the time, ‘Hey, Miggy, you see anything like I’m pulling off or whatever?’ And he’ll let me know and it’s impressive that he can do that, not only having English as a second language, but being 20 years old.”
  • Just think about all the Amaya is handling at his age, in a foreign country, while constantly learning new pitchers and new hitters in that administrative role as a catcher … oh, and also trying to develop himself as a catcher and as a hitter. A 20-year-old catching prospect that you know for sure is a future big leaguer, even before he plays at AA, is a rare thing. Amaya is a future big leaguer in one way or another. I’m quite sure of it.
  • As for Effross, what I especially love about the Cubs’ approach is that they saw a guy in his mid-20s, who was a pure relief prospect, and who was at risk for hitting the wall at AA and flaming out of the game. So they took a big risk in asking him to completely change his delivery midseason, because they’d targeted him specifically as a guy this could work for. It’s the kind of thing you *HAVE* to be able to do internally to max out your development at an organizational level. The sample is very small (most of it at High-A) post-change, so next year will really be the tell if it’s working out. The Cubs also sent Effross to the competitive Arizona Fall League to get some extra work with the new delivery, and through 7.0 innings (6 appearances), he’s allowed just 2 earned runs on 11 hits and 1 walk while striking out 8. Not a bad start.
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  • Another AFL pitching prospect to keep an eye on next year:

  • The Cubs are hiring, if you are super-duper qualified:

  • In other hiring news, I was not even aware this was a question, but apparently folks wanted to know if Bob Costas was going to have a part in the Cubs’ new Marquee Sports Network. The Daily Herald asked, and Costas could not have been more emphatic in his lack of interest. It is almost comical how extraordinarily strong he’s like, no, no, nah, nope, not me, they’re great, but no, just no way. It’s a shame that we will be deprived of newer and more creative ways to describe poor reliever performances.
  • Good for Joe. Good for the Angels. May the Cubs and Angels meet in the 2020 World Series:

  • Obvious Shirts has a new one for a very specific subset of fans:

  • Michael still TikTok’ing:

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