Cubs Process, Loretta Interviews with SD, Pirates Changes, "Cival" War Ump, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Cubs Process, Loretta Interviews with SD, Pirates Changes, “Cival” War Ump, and Other Cubs Bullets

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The World Series is off today, and given the unconfirmed reports of David Ross’s imminent ascension to the managerial seat with the Cubs, I expect we’re going to get an official announcement today. It’s *possible* that will include an introductory press conference, but it’s also possible that will come next week. Gonna be extremely busy around baseball on that front as soon as the World Series ends.

Relatedly: How weird is it that we’re almost halfway through the World Series and only TWO of the eight managerial openings have been filled? And both were obvious, heavily-connected candidates? (UPDATE AS I WAS TYPING THIS: Now it’s three, with Joe Girardi heading to the Phillies.)

  • It remains to be seen what happens with the Cubs’ coaching staff after David Ross is officially added and decisions are made, but their current bench coach just interviewed with his old club for the managerial post:

  • Loretta obviously has a long background there in San Diego, where he not only played but also worked in the front office before joining the Cubs last year. I do wonder if Loretta, having not gotten the Cubs’ managerial gig, is going to be departing in any case. The front office might want to partner Ross with a very experienced bench coach – perhaps even an older, veteran former manager type?
  • I see a lotta folks knocking this stuff as weird, and I find that weird:

  • For one thing, these were super long, super involved interviews, so a WHOLE LOT of stuff was going to be covered. For another thing, with a front office that is going to be so closely tied into the strategic decisions of the next manager, the fluffy stuff is actually going to be a pretty significant portion of the job. How does he relate to the team? How does he handle the media? That stuff is not critical, but it’s also not nothing.
  • Hey, I know some of these guys:

  • So now there will be a process of the new president deciding what to do about the top of the baseball operations group (Neal Huntington has been the long-time, mostly unsuccessful GM). How in the world do they find a manager right now? What is their club even going to look like next year? I really have no idea on this stuff. Just so much messiness this past year, and a whole lot of cleanup is necessary before they’re going to be in a good, long-term competitive spot.
  • You wouldn’t think Jordan Minch would be grabbed in the Rule 5 Draft, given his late blooming, but he sure did have a heckuva AFL season:

  • What even the eff:

  • What’s particularly scary about an MLB umpire threatening to fight in a “cival” war if the president is impeached is that this sentiment is not an aberration. And it is somehow permitted to stand as a mere “political opinion.” It ain’t. It’s threatening serious mass violence, and I’m not OK with that. None of us should be.
  • Meanwhile, comforting to know that, on and off the field, the umps are still missing easy calls:

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  • This would have been something:

  • The Mets might wind up going with a rookie manager candidate like Carlos Beltran or Eduardo Perez now that Girardi is out of the picture. People keep speculating about A.J. Hinch because of his connection to Brodie Van Wagenen, but it’s just impossible for me to see him leaving the Astros (or them letting him leave) for the Mets.

Author: Brett Taylor

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