Scouting Director Search, Ump Apologizes, the Greatest World Series, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Scouting Director Search, Ump Apologizes, the Greatest World Series, and Other Cubs Bullets

Chicago Cubs

The World Series gets back underway tonight in Washington, and with the Nats already up 2-0, this could be a surprisingly quick series. Didn’t see that coming, but it’s impressive just how hot the Nationals have been since May. To be honest, I appreciate how hard they pushed for competitiveness the last decade, and it’s good for the sport that they’re seeing the fruits of that push.

  • Although the managerial searches have taken the attention of late, there are other big searches going on – outside and inside the Cubs org – that should still be on our radars. First, the Red Sox are looking for a new GM (who will then populate his staff, sending the ripples out further), and although it isn’t going to be a poach from the Cubs, it might be the top available poach:

  • Bloom is probably the top up-and-coming executive in the game, so it’s not a surprise the Red Sox want him.
  • Meanwhile, in the Cubs’ organization, thanks to the internal shuffling, the Cubs have a lot of positions to fill, perhaps none bigger than the amateur scouting director. The outgoing director, Matt Dorey, took over the player development top spot from Jaron Madison, who was reassigned to scouting duties. Dorey is very well regarded, so there’s some risk in moving him off his post, but obviously the Cubs have incredible needs on the player development side. Now they need to make sure they get a top set of eyes atop the scouting group. As Sahadev Sharma reports, there is a list of candidates, and the move is likely to come from outside the org. Gotta wonder if the Cubs are going to try to poach from the Astros, Dodgers, Yankees, or Rays (though those four are more typically regarded as the “player development” monsters, obviously they do well on the scouting side, too).
  • What’s not clear is if the Cubs are going to replace the Jason McLeod position (scouting AND player development chief, essentially), after the long-time exec was moved over to the big league side. It’s possible that, because of the total restructuring, the Cubs no longer feel like that’s a necessary position.
  • The umpire who threatened “cival war” on the strength of his assault rifle if President Trump is impeached is now offering an apology:

  • That’s probably as good as an apology can get in a situation like this. Drake’s message was scary – far, far beyond making some innocuous political point – and I’m not sure an apology can or should save his job. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t value in recognizing that there is a way to proceed when something like this happens. This is more or less what the first step should look like.
  • The 2016 World Series featured a great 3-1 comeback by the Cubs, the best Game 7 ever, and the end of a historic drought, but even I can admit I understand why the 2001 Yankees-Diamondbacks series is on top:

  • I love this read from Ken Rosenthal, because it very sincerely considers the balance that baseball needs to strike between its teams’ desire to be ruthlessly efficient in seeking wins, with the league’s legitimate desire to keep the product as entertaining as possible:

  • The NPB did not award their version of the Cy Young this year because no pitcher met the minimum standards for the award:

  • Perhaps they should have given this 71-year-old chemistry stud a shot:

  • A sobering look at the opioid problem MLB almost certainly has, and is not yet effectively addressing:

Author: Brett Taylor

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