Astros Win the Game But Still Get Shredded, Mike Olt Retires, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Astros Win the Game But Still Get Shredded, Mike Olt Retires, and Other Cubs Bullets

Chicago Cubs

The Astros held on to win last night 4-1, keeping themselves in a World Series that otherwise threatened to be over today. Now at 2-1, the Astros have a really good chance to turn the entire thing around if they can pull off a win tonight against Patrick Corbin. For the Astros, it’ll be a bullpen game … but then they get to turn to Gerrit Cole for Game Five.

  • Meanwhile, yesterday was an avalanche of excoriating writeups and reporting on the Astros’ organizational culture, which underlies what happened:

  • This might be the hardest fastball Zack Greinke has thrown in years:

  • MIKE OLT! … has retired:

  • Because of his relationship to the timing of the Kris Bryant call-up (ironic timing, given the grievance this week), and because of his failure to succeed in the big leagues, I feel like people forget how much belief there was in him as a legit prospect, first with the Rangers, and then for a year with the Cubs. There was a whole lot of talent there – good raw power, took his walks, solid defense at third – and with some hopes that special eye drops were going to help alleviate some severe allergy issues and improve his vision (seriously, it was a thing!), it was not at all unreasonable to dream on him establishing himself in 2015 right out of the gate, and then the Cubs could figure out later how they wanted to incorporate Bryant. To be sure, Bryant was the future, but in that stage of the rebuild, the Cubs wanted to establish as many usable big league pieces as possible. But Olt got hit by a pitch and broke his wrist almost immediately, and then never got a chance to establish himself with the Cubs (and did not succeed with the White Sox later that year). Best of luck to him in whatever comes next.
  • Yu Darvish owns:

  • Michael makes good jokes:

  • The Bulls had a huge comeback to win their first game of the year last night, and, as someone who is only now developing an NBA fandom, it was a shitload of fun to watch these guys:

  • Go, Cinderblock!

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.