Cubs Definitely Improving Under the Hood, Old Tax Cases, Stop Apologizing, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Cubs Definitely Improving Under the Hood, Old Tax Cases, Stop Apologizing, and Other Cubs Bullets

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The weather is not looking good for trick-or-treat tomorrow night, and I am bummed. I love taking the kids out and around, seeing all the other kiddos dressed up, running wild. Seeing all the decorations. Sorting the kids’ candy with them. Stealing their best bars. All that good stuff. Please chill, rain.

  • The Cubs’ new Director of Hitting, Justin Stone, saw a Javy Baez card in the pack his daughter had opened, and wound up taking to Twitter to turn it into a deep discussion about swing mechanics and optimizing physical health for the rotational demands of baseball:

  • Check out the thread if you want the details. The gist, as I understand it (though Stone is primarily talking to young athletes), is that we need to do a better job thinking about the way players develop and protect their bodies specific to the demands of baseball. You can have the best swing mechanics in the world – or the best physique in the world – but if those two things are not in align with each other in very specific ways, you won’t be maximizing your results.
  • That immediately makes me think about the two guys the Cubs hired last year from the NFL to work on their players’ physical conditioning, and how they have a very modern perspective on fitness (360 view on training, conditioning, mental skills, nutrition, sport science, technology, etc.). It took the Cubs a few years too long to get to this place, but they’re getting there.
  • After 10 years – literally a decade! – the sale of the Cubs to the Ricketts Family might finally be close to being a settled thing in the eyes of the IRS:

  • Extremely long story short: when the Tribune, under Sam Zell, was selling the Cubs, they required it to be in a “leveraged partnership” transaction so that they could avoid/defer taxes for at least a 10 year period. The IRS took issue with that type of transaction (the Tribune was doing it a lot back then), and it’s been a federal case, so to speak, since then. My understanding is that there is no significant risk exposure here for the Cubs or the Ricketts.
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  • The absurdity of the runner’s lane/interference rule, in one image:

  • I’m so sorry for doing that thing that made people take notice and talk about our sport:

  • Juan Soto, who did the same thing as Bregman after Bregman did it, offers the much better, simpler response:

  • The Astros remain very good at picking up tipped pitches:

  • Robel is playing winter ball:

  • Brennen Davis is already doing good:

Author: Brett Taylor

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