Padres New Uniforms Got Me Thinking About the Cubs' Options Again and Other Cubs Bullets

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Padres New Uniforms Got Me Thinking About the Cubs’ Options Again and Other Cubs Bullets

Chicago Cubs

It’s rare, but Luis beat me with his Bears Bullets this morning. I was solo with the two younger kids this morning, and, God bless their energy, it was just not possible to get to these Cubs Bullets until late morning.

  • So, I like the Padres browns, but for some reason these ones aren’t jumping out at me. Still, better than the weird mix of blues they had been doing recently:

  • I do think it was cool that the Padres did a big unveiling party, though:

  • Obligatory when another organization changes up their look: I love the classic look and feel of the Cubs, but they DO have a very rich history of uniforms and logos that they could be dipping back into from time to time. I understand that the home pinstripes will probably never be tweaked (though what about a special look on Sundays or something?). Like I’ve said before, though, the Cubs’ road looks in the last 20 years have been mostly meh. The club has a rich history of excellent, unique uniforms if you go far enough back in history, and you can flip through the historical uniforms here at the Tribune. The ones from 1908 to 1912 are great, and the 1927 through 1940 sets had all kinds of excellent looks. My favorites remain from 1932:

  • Also, the Cubs’ primary logo is the best in baseball (and the modern angry bear is one of my favorites), but they could really stand to incorporate their historical looks:

  • Bryan is so spot on here, and it’s probably more like two guys emerging:

  • The Cubs need not just a usable starter or two to emerge, but they really need an IMPACT starter to emerge. They finally have some guys who have that type of stuff if it their whole game comes together (as opposed to the recent string of lower-stuff, more-command types), but we need to see it.
  • Miscellaneous prospect love:

  • Weber improved considerably as the season went on, which is what you want to see. He was scorching in the season’s final month and a half, hitting .321/.396/.471 (148 wRC+) with a 15.5% K rate and a 9.8% BB rate. Yes, you want to see more power out of that frame, because the BABIP probably isn’t going to stay above .350 as he climbs the ladder, but if he can actually handle shortstop? And he was doing that in his first full pro season? That’s a guy, folks.
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  • Throw back to the very first COOKIE:

  • This is kinda fun:

  • I was feeling ornery and crunched some numbers last night:

Author: Brett Taylor

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