Cubs Reportedly Set To Name Former A's and Cardinals Executive Dan Kantrovitz as New VP of Scouting

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Cubs Reportedly Set To Name Former A’s and Cardinals Executive Dan Kantrovitz as New VP of Scouting

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The Cubs offseason of change (or accountability (or whatever we’re calling it today)) is officially underway, even as most of the actual movement has been off-field/non-player-related stuff (new manager, new bench coach, some front office shuffling, etc.). And to that end, the Cubs may have a big, new hiring to announce later today for a relatively important position.

Check it out:

Dan Kantrovitz is reportedly the Cubs new VP of Scouting. Congrats to him!

And congrats to the Cubs for getting someone (1) from outside the organization and (2) with plenty of high-level experience. As Levine points out, Kantrovitz has been the A’s assistant GM for the past five years, after previously spending three seasons in St. Louis as the Director of Scouting. And if that time-frame is ringing a bell, note that Kantrovitz was apparently not part of the Cardinals’ (Astros-hacking) scandal:

And while I can’t speak directly toward his work in Oakland – we just don’t have much visibility there – I can say it’s nice to see the Cubs poaching from a smart team/front office. Kantrovitz has been an up-and-coming “future GM type” for a while now, even landing among the three finalists for the Phillies open GM gig back in 2015.

I can also add that Kantrovitz’s draft history with the Cardinals isn’t half-bad, either. And any knowledge he can bring over on that front certainly doesn’t hurt.

As a matter of fact, the Cardinals apparently tried to get Kantrovitz back this offseason, but didn’t quite offer him as good of a position:

We’ll have more on this later today/whenever the Cubs make an announcement, but for now, I can tell you that Kantrovitz, who’s replacing Matt Dorey (who shifted over to the director of player development), graduated from Brown University before getting his Master’s degree at Harvard and has at least some speciality in machine learning and algorithms (which is hilariously vague, but sounds cool).

The Cubs front office is undergoing massive changes, but this is one that appears easy to like.

UPDATE: A little additional confirmation …

Author: Michael Cerami

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