The Astros Sign-Stealing Scandal is Gonna Be a Big One, Cy Young Winners, and Other Cubs Bullets

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The Astros Sign-Stealing Scandal is Gonna Be a Big One, Cy Young Winners, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Nothing gets a blogger more nervous than having to change his home WIFI. Our system has progressively gotten less stable over the many years we’ve had the same router, and with kids reaching “device age,” it seems to be getting even worse in the last year. Because I am a nerd who must be able to read FanGraphs at all hours from every corner of our house, it was time to get a new system. Fingers crossed that this post reaches you when it’s time to publish …

  • It’s kinda obvious that the manager of the Astros, the former bench coach of the Astros, and a former veteran hitter on the Astros would be in on this kind of scheme, but nevertheless, getting the confirmation sure is something.
  • I find it interesting that Beltran, who was just hired as the new manager of the Mets, is trying to take the denial-non-denial-try-to-talk-around-it approach, rather than either copping to it or just no-commenting. Here’s what he said to The Athletic:

“We took a lot of pride studying pitchers in the computer – that is the only technology that I use and I understand. It was fun seeing guys get to the ballpark to look for little details. (In) the game of baseball, guys for years have given location and if the catchers get lazy and the pitcher doesn’t cover the signs from second base, of course players are going to take advantage. I don’t call that cheating. I call that using the small details to take advantage. I think baseball is doing a great job adding new technology to make sure the game is even for both teams.”

  • What Beltran is trying to do is conflate two things, both of which are OK: using video and computers to study pitchers and see if you can find any pitch-tipping (something the Astros have been at the forefront of, to their credit), and stealing and relaying signs from *players on base*. Neither of those things is a problem, and neither is the issue here.
  • This might not quite be on the level of the Cardinals hacking scandal in terms of “holy shit”ness, but when you think about the fact that we’re talking about true in-game, on-field impact spread across dozens and dozens of games, possibly multiple years, and possibly multiple teams? This is, uh, kind of a really big deal.
  • Side note: I don’t think this would be the reason he didn’t get either of the Cubs or Giants jobs, but this story does kinda recast Joe Espada as a managerial candidate, doesn’t it? At a minimum, it would have brought scrutiny, as it is now to the Mets and Red Sox.
  • Incredibly, Anthony Rizzo got jobbed out of another Cy Young award this year. And Ben Zobrist didn’t even win for striking out Yadi Molina. Rigged.

  • In all seriousness, put me down for Yu Darvish being *involved in* the Cy Young conversation at times next year. Not saying he’ll win it or even be a finalist, but I think he’s gonna get some love, because I think the guy he was in the second half will carry forward. And that guy? That guy is a clear Cy Young candidate.
  • I still can’t believe this is something that happened:

  • Luis hit up SportsFeed with his usual flare:

  • Congrats to Yu Darvish and his family on the new arrival. And he is such a good dude:

  • A note that there are even Cubs movies on Disney+:

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