Javy's BDay, Zobrist's Big Moment, the Minor League Plan, Undrafted Cubs Signee, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Javy’s BDay, Zobrist’s Big Moment, the Minor League Plan, Undrafted Cubs Signee, and Other Cubs Bullets

Chicago Cubs

These Bullets were done. Finished. All while holding the kids at bay, so it took double the effort. And then a Chrome problem just ate it all. Gone. No auto-save. No back-up. Just flat out gone. Can’t say that’s happened in a long time. Starting from scratch, and undoubtedly now doing a worse job thanks to the combined impact of less time available and explosive frustration …

  • Happy birthday to Javy Baez, who turns 27 today. May he celebrate his next, say, 10 or so birthdays as a happy, healthy, productive member of the Chicago Cubs. So, about those extension talks … let’s do that thing.
  • Best moment of the year for the Cubs? Might have been this:


  • It wasn’t the best year for the Chicago Cubs, though there were at least a few positive, happy moments. I’m not sure there was one better than the finale against the Cardinals – no, not the blowout, but Ben Zobrist getting a chance to pitch in what might be his final game with the Cubs, and striking out Yadi Molina of all people.
  • … or maybe it was just because that represented the sweet release of the 2019 season being over.
  • In this whole MLB-versus-MiLB battle, it just seems so short-sighted not to want MORE people to be involved in professional, affiliated baseball:

  • I absolutely get that there would be efficiencies in having each organization being entirely centralized, but in the long-term, don’t you want more individuals helping carry the weight of growing and sustaining the sport at a national level? Don’t you want the local community and its relationship to a team to be guided by more than solely whatever the priority is for the big league MLB team that might be hundreds of miles away? Just feels like there is a lot of risk there for the sport in 20+ years if you go to that model.
  • If you haven’t been following MLB’s plan to ax 42 affiliated minor league teams, see here.
  • This is indeed fun, because undrafted guys do not get bonuses of this size:

  • Nahas may have been an underscouted type because he had transferred from a JuCo before his junior year, and then blew up in the Cape Cod League after the draft. That led to competition for his services, hence the hefty bonus. (My #NotAScout comment? You can see a quality fastball and stuff there, but you also see the very long arm action that could seriously limit deception. Wonder if we see that tweaked when he comes out for his first full pro season next year.)
  • Tons of early Cyber Monday deals going on at Amazon right now. Also, I see discounted Nintendo Switch controllers, so I’m gonna jump on that. #ad
  • Michael getting in the spirt of the season:

  • The Black Friday sale continues at Obvious Shirts:

Author: Brett Taylor

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