In-Market Streaming Will Grow, Baez and the Slider, Flex Packs, and Other Cubs Bullets

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In-Market Streaming Will Grow, Baez and the Slider, Flex Packs, and Other Cubs Bullets

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  • The TL;DR version of all this stuff is that teams will now control all their own streaming rights within their designated market. That’s good news for Cubs fans and good news for the Cubs.
  • And now the longer version if you’ve missed this before:
    • For background, since the advent of two decades ago, MLB sagely retained all streaming rights to games, while allowing the individual teams to own their own *broadcast* rights in their designated market. Time was, those streaming rights weren’t hugely valuable anyway, so teams weren’t all that concerned about this arrangement, but obviously in the last five years, with the explosion of cord-cutting, teams increasingly would like to control their own streaming rights in their own territories (those games are blacked out on anyway, so why not let teams sell those streams locally?). On a piecemeal basis, MLB has worked with the teams and cable/satellite providers to make local streams available to authenticated subscribers (i.e., if you’re in Chicago and you subscribed to a cable package that included NBC Sports Chicago, then you could stream games through the NBC app). It was a pain in the butt and the team’s couldn’t control their own rights. But with streaming now such an obvious need, and with services like YouTube TV and Hulu and Sling becoming more and more like traditional cable platforms (just in a “streaming” medium), it has made so much less sense to draw these distinctions.
    • My hope for fans (and for the Cubs, frankly) is that MLB and the owners made a common sense change to allow ALL rights – be they cable or streaming – to belong to the teams in their own territories. If that’s the case – and it sounds like it is – then the Cubs could now sell the new Marquee Sports Network to any service in their territory (Illinois, Iowa, most of Indiana, and a little of southern Wisconsin and northern Ohio). Thus, anywhere in those areas, you’d have the choice of however you wanted to access Marquee – and you’d no longer have to worry about being blacked out (to be sure, you *would* still be blacked out on, but you’d be able to watch games through the Marquee subscription).
  • This is definitely going to be something to watch in the early going in 2020, as it’s *possible* that the heel injury had an impact on Baez’s approach and contact ability, but it definitely wasn’t entirely that:

  • The tricky thing is, since Baez is so uniquely gifted at going the other way with power on pitches that get deep in the zone, you don’t necessarily want him just being trained to spit on all sliders away – because they aren’t all executed well! Look at how much damage Baez does against sliders relative to the rest of the league even when behind in the count:

  • That’s basically either you place that pitch perfectly down and away, or you’re risking giving up a lot of damage on a 1-2 pitch.
  • Nike gear:

  • Cubs ticket packs are out:

  • Someone really needs to step up to bring this back:

Author: Brett Taylor

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