MLBits: Ballpark Changes in Arlington, Miami, and Anaheim, Mets Owners Moving On, Behind the Astros Cheating, More

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MLBits: Ballpark Changes in Arlington, Miami, and Anaheim, Mets Owners Moving On, Behind the Astros Cheating, More

Chicago Cubs

“I’d rather be Lukewarm Stoving!”

Put it on a bumper sticker. Or an Obvious Shirt.

Today is already a busy day in the transaction world – particularly with respect to the Cubs, given the Brewers/Omar Narvaez deal – but there’s too much significant non-rumor-transaction stuff going on to ignore for much longer.

So then, a quick lap around baseball …

  • The Angels and the City of Anaheim have come to an agreement to keep the team in the city for the next 30 years, but the deal is about so much more than that (a process, in this case, not entirely unfamiliar to Cubs fans). The Angels agreed to stay in Anaheim for 30 years and in return, the city is allowing Angels owner Arte Moreno to buy the stadium and surrounding property ($325M). The city will no longer contribute to stadium renovations or replacement, but Moreno/the Angels can now do what they want in the surrounding area, which is currently a bunch of parking lots, to develop it into a cash-making machine of some kind (think Gallagher Way/the hotel/etc.).
  • Remember that whacky plan to split the Rays between Tampa/St. Petersburg and Montreal? Well, St. Pete is like no way, not happening:

  • I love Montreal and would understand a move back there (or a new team), but splitting your season between Canada and Florida is dumb for about a thousand reasons – financial, strategic, competitive, logic, you name it. It was a bad idea, and it’s better put to rest.
  • In other ballpark news (we’ve got a lot of it today!):

  • The Rangers new stadium (built across from the old stadium), will have a retractable roof, synthetic turf on the ground, plus a ballpark village, a hotel, and a shopping mall alongside it. So you know, real, traditional baseball stuff.
  • Psh … Derek Jeter will do ANYTHING to win:

  • I’m kidding, of course, but they are moving the fences in center field and right-center field in towards home plate next season. And they’re also adding a synthetic grass surface. But the home run sculpture isn’t coming back inside the stadium because Jeets is a monster.
  • Moving on from the ballparks to a “potentially monumental day for the New York Mets”:

  • That sound you hear is Mets fans rejoicing around the globe, as arguably the most-hated owners in baseball (after Jeffrey Loria sold the Marlins) could be on their way out in just five short years. And I’m not kidding, consider CBS’s latest, for some hilarious examples: Mets fans rejoice on Twitter after Wilpons reportedly start process to sell team.
  • The New Republic has a post up entitled “The Smartest Guys in the Clubhouse” about the Houston Astros, with the subtitle: How the McKinsey-fied Astros cheated their way to a championship – and became a parable of American success (and how to start worrying and learn to love the bomb (just kidding about that part)). I’m sure you can imagine what that article was about, but if that wasn’t enough to get your attention, how’s this line: “There were stories that the front office culture Luhnow had created in Houston was not just cutthroat and paranoid, but increasingly high-handed and stridently amoral.” The specifics are outstanding, shocking, and (now) somehow expected.
  • This might serve to fit better in a rumor post, but I felt like it was on the border, so I’ll share it here: Gerrit Cole says he’s got no West Coast bias. I don’t believe him, but he said it.

  • This is awesome:

Author: Michael Cerami

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