Is Peter Gammons Saying the Yankees Are Getting Gerrit Cole? Let's Wonder Together (UPDATES: He's Definitely Saying It)

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Is Peter Gammons Saying the Yankees Are Getting Gerrit Cole? Let’s Wonder Together (UPDATES: He’s Definitely Saying It)

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This is fun. Deciphering things is fun. Rumors are fun.

Is Peter Gammons saying something here:

I mean, if you take that literally, it means the Yankees were not denied in their pursuit of Gerrit Cole, and the other suitors will learn soon that they’re out.

But it’s also possible that Gammons is simply being artistic, suggesting that the Yankees are going nuts on Cole, and, in his view of the facts as he knows them, Cole won’t be going to the Dodgers and Angels when all is said and done.

It feels more likely to be that second one – which is still notable in its own way, because it makes you wonder just how crazy the Yankees’ offer is – because this would otherwise be a really weird way to report that the top free agent is signing. But then, Gammons is often a little inscrutable in that way.

It’s also interesting to note that Jon Heyman frequently has scoops involving Scott Boras clients, but his take on Cole here is much more general than Gammons’.

I guess we’ll see what’s what, but this is kinda fun to follow on the Saturday before the Winter Meetings.

UPDATE: This to me suggests the two sides are indeed in agreement on the broad strokes and are trying to finalize the particulars this weekend:

UPDATE 2: Jeff Passan pumping the brakes, at least in terms of a final deal this weekend:

UPDATE 3: Whether he’s ultimately right or wrong, we can now indicate that, yes, Gammons is definitely saying it:

Author: Brett Taylor

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