Brewers Get Free Agent Pitcher Josh Lindblom on the Cheap: 3-Years, $9.125M

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Brewers Get Free Agent Pitcher Josh Lindblom on the Cheap: 3-Years, $9.125M

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Just two days ago, the Cubs were brought up in connection to free agent pitcher Josh Lindblom … but he’s apparently signing with the Brewers:

Lindblom, you’ll recall, has been an ace in the KBO over the last two years after spending the second half of his 20s bouncing around in MLB, from team to team and role to role, from Triple-A to the Majors. As Brett put it recently, he just never quite landed anywhere, until, like some of his peers, he went over to Korea and really put it together.

Before today, we figured that Lindblom, 32, might get a couple years and $10+ million as a guy who might emerge as a nice back-of-the-rotation type, or even a very good multi-inning reliever, but the Brewers – OF COURSE – got him for cheaper and longer than that:

Obviously, the performance bonuses change things a little, but this is still a very affordable deal for a guy the Cubs were apparently interested in bringing in. I say apparently interested, however, because there may have been a little more at play than just genuine interest.

Here’s what Detective Brett had to say when this last popped up:

The real question is why is this getting out there at all? If the Cubs are not heavily involved – and that actually rings true to us – then why this report? Could it be that an agent is trying to push this idea that, ooh, Lindblom might like to pitch in Chicago, and maybe we’ll wait on the Cubs, so maybe you better up your offers now …. (I’m leaning this way particularly because Morosi has reported many other teams’ interest in Lindblom – like, specific team names – which would almost certainly only be coming from an agent).

In any case, whether he was a true Cubs target or not (I tend to wish he was), he’s now with the Brewers on a pretty affordable deal. Sadly, he might be a pretty good pickup for them. So … yeah. Cool.

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