Thank You All, A Year and Decade in the Rearview Mirror, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Thank You All, A Year and Decade in the Rearview Mirror, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Just realized that I didn’t even have kids in that last decade, and now I have like 30 of ’em. That’s wild.

I did have The Wife, but we hadn’t fully built a life together yet. I didn’t drink coffee. I didn’t have a full-time job talking about the Cubs. I didn’t have some of the best coworkers ever in Michael, Luis, Eli, Bryan, and Luke. I didn’t have a great sense of what I wanted to be in this life. I didn’t always feel comfortable in my own shoes, and I didn’t feel like it was OK to feel that way sometimes.

I didn’t become perfect over the course of that last decade, and I won’t become perfect over this one. I did start to feel a lot more like a happier version of myself, though, and I hope that continues for another 10 years or more. And, as it relates to this space, what I hope most of all in this decade is that we can all of us – our little Cubs/sports/whatever community – keep finding comfort in shared joys (and pains … ). That we can keep laughing and supporting and challenging and not taking ourselves too seriously.

Much love to every single one of you who reads or comments or skims or critiques or enjoys or shares. I see you. I appreciate you. It meant the world to me in that past decade, and it means more each day. Happy New Year, Happy New Decade, Happy New Day.


  • Although the new decade/year has arrived, a couple looks back for your enjoyment. First up, the singular top baseball story of the decade – duh – was the Cubs winning it all:

  • When the Cubs win it again at some point this decade – I’m a believer! – it’ll just be some story, mixed in among the many other standard winners. I’ll still gladly take it, because a four or five or six-year drought seems like plenty to me at this point.
  • Meanwhile, the Cubs counted down their top ten moments of the 2019 season … which ones can you get before you watch:

  • Not necessarily in the right order, but I knew we were gonna see Rizzo’s Miracle Comeback, Nico’s Home Debut, The Bat Slam, The Davis Slam, Javy’s Heel Hit, the Marlins Walk-Offs, KB Homers in Three Straight Innings, and, of course, Kyle Hendricks’ Maddux. I totally whiffed on Yu Darvish’s strikeout record, which is embarrassing, because that was fun as heck.
  • I also missed on Anthony Rizzo’s late shot against the Dodgers, but partly because I would have had Kyle Schwarber’s walk-off in the throwbacks against the Reds in July (Cubs went down 3-0 early, came back to tie, Schwarber ends it with an oppo basket shot in the 10th – the first walk-off of his career).

  • You remember immediately just how many walk-offs the Cubs had this year (and the Cubs doubled-up on them for number five, because it was back-to-back nights against the Marlins). That part of the season was certainly fun, even as the rest of it was so disappointing. Walk-offs are great. If I had a campaign platform, it would be EVEN MORE WALK-OFFS IN 2020!
  • This is a fun look at all of Chicago sports in the last decade, Cubs and Hawks heavy for obvious reasons:

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