Fancy Tech for Calling Pitches, New Cubs Hire, Juiced Ball, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Fancy Tech for Calling Pitches, New Cubs Hire, Juiced Ball, and Other Cubs Bullets

Chicago Cubs

I woke up feeling like a balloon family had moved into my sinuses. Not like gunk, mind you, just pressure. So much pressure. Cheers!

  • Rightly, MLB is pretty serious about rooting out future sign-stealing issues through tech:

  • Next plan? Brain implants! Things are going to get REALLY messed up when the Astros/Cardinals start hacking those …
  • Love to see the Cubs continuing to dive very deep on finding coaching talent for the organization, and adding more beef to their overhauled development infrastructure:

  • Not a coincidence: the Cubs have drafted a couple pitchers from Lipscomb the last few years (Jeff Passantino and Chris Kachmar), so it’s likely they had developed a relationship with Ogden a while ago.
  • Really interesting read on all the things MLB has not yet been able to study about the juiced baseball. So far, based on everything we’ve seen from the league (and the independent studies), your best bet is that the ball will remain *somewhat* juiced this year, though perhaps slightly less so as various controls are implemented. Meanwhile, because we now have a better understanding of how there is significant variance between batches, I expect we’ll see periods of time where balls seem super juicy, and then quickly don’t seem juiced at all.
  • Relatedly, you are reminded that evaluating player performance at AAA in 2019 was more or less impossible:

  • That was a very good day:

  • Very cool candid shot of Mr. Cub at work:

  • Can’t wait to see what Chris Morel looks like this year. Injuries limited his time in 2019, but the raw talent is obvious as heck:

Author: Brett Taylor

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